Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington was born on 19th October, in the year 1968. He is a gifted stand up comedian and musician as well. He is famous for his own sitcom called ‘Rodney’. He also acted in films. His birth name is Rodney Scott Carrington. His birthplace was Longview, Texas. He lived there for a long time, almost twenty two years. Beside his comedian career, he pursued his dream to be a singer and he is quite successful in there two.


Since the beginning of his career he used to perform in local venues like clubs or bars. He was smart enough to catch his comedic material from small things in life. From those local venues, people loved his jokes and humor. He started gaining confidence that he might be a good comedian. Sometimes he used to go to the local radio and tell his jokes there. He started to gain his fame from those days. Beside his comedic career, he started his singing career.


His first album was released in 1998. The name of his first album was ‘Hanging with Rodney’. The album was consists of comedy and original songs. His album names were very weird and interesting such as, Letter to My Penis, Morning Wood and Hot Country Songs etc. the companies which produces his albums were also big names like Mercury Records Nashville, Capitol Nashville etc. His funny albums also include Live: C’mon Laugh You Bastards and Nut Sack. In his albums named ‘Don’t Look Now’, there was his non comedic song for the first time. The name of this song was, ‘Things We Didn’t Know’.

He is a versatile person with multiple talents. After conquering the music and comedy world, he went for acting. In the year 2004, a sitcom named ‘Rodney’ was on air. The storyline of this sitcom was basically taken from his own life. After this, he acted in a film called ‘Bear for my Horses’ in the year 2008.

He was the best friend of Barry Martin and when he died, Rodney wrote a song which was a serious one. The name of the song was ‘Angel friend’. He made several music videos. His first music video was ‘Dancing with a Man’ in the year 1998. After that, there were ‘More of a Man’ and ‘If I am the Only One’ in 2000 and 2009.


He is a very successful comedian and a singer. His quotes and anecdotes are hilarious. The name of his wife is Terry. They have three beautiful children. But unfortunately, after being married for eighteen years, they got separated. Their friends and family were very surprised to watch them split. But Rodney told several times on his show that he tried his best to keep the relationship but his wife was desperate to end it. As a husband Rodney was quite decent. He never dated any woman while he was married. Even after the separation, he didn’t date anyone according to the internet. His net worth is a staggering 6 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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