Amy Roloff was born on 17th September, in the year of 1964. Her nickname is Amy. Her birthplace was Michigan, in the United States of America. She is also a producer by her occupation. She is a relatively short woman who has a height of 4 feet 2 inches. Some can call her a Dwarf. But that could not keep her away from achieving mountainous success that she achieved in her life. She is famous her documentary ‘Little People, Big World’. Her birth name is Amy Jo Knight. Her biography is sad, intriguing, interesting and victorious at the same time.


Earlier in her life she was very quiet and peaceful kind of a girl. She was not very healthy when she was young. She was physically a little short. Her schoolmates used to bully her whenever they got a chance. She had kind of a sad childhood. Her father’s name was Godon Knight. He used to tell her stories of how to overcome the hurdles of life. And he used to inspire her in every possible ways. She got her graduation from Central Michigan University. She was a very bright student and she always a very attentive in her class. When she was in her university, same thing happened to her as in school, people sometimes saw her negatively though being a short person has nothing to do with her. Being a Dwarf was destroying her mind at those days. She is an Achondroplastic Dwarf. Because of this, her arms and legs are mismatched. They are basically disproportionate with the torso.


Being a dwarf finally paid off in her life. It was in the year 2006 when a documentary that changed her life forever. The name of the documentary was ‘Little People, Big World’. The documentary was about the lives of little people like Amy. The documentary followed Amy’s entire family 10 hours per day for almost six months of grueling video footage. It captured the joy and sadness, success and failures, high and low and many more things that were happening in their lives. The storyline was carefully made and shown to the audience. It was a great show with lots of emotions and sentiments. That show made Amy famous. After that show people started realizing that there is nothing shameful to be a Dwarf. They are human too and they have every emotion just like us. The show was so interesting that it changed Amy’s life and thought processing. It’s the show which gave Amy the biggest inspiration of her life. Later, she produced the show.


She married her co-star Matt Roloff and they used to have a happy family until they had a divorce a few years ago. Even after these adversaries, she has a net worth of almost 4.5 million dollars. This proves so many things. Everyone should have something to learn from Amy. She suffered like hell all her life but she didn’t give up once. That’s how today she is a big name and a person to follow.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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