David Letterman

David Letterman is a comedian and talk show host. His cynical sense of humor and style makes people love his late night shows. He was a man of words. He tries his best to prove himself almost in all fields. He got succeeded as well in some areas.

David Letterman was born 12th April 1947 in Indianapolis. He is known for his late night show that invites celebrities and makes irrelevant sense of humors. After appeared in Johnny Carson Tonight Show, he eventually had his own talk show in the late hour. The show aired in NBC but after Jay Leno replaced it, he then moved to CBS and made a huge success with his Late Show up till 2015 where he announced his retirement.

David Letterman in his early life

The talk show host is the son of a florist and church secretary. Letterman has two sisters, Gretchen and Janice. He is famous for his cynical humor and self mockery. The unconventional joke styles and demeanor attract other comedians to use the same method and he eventually becomes the inspiration of others who follow his path.

David Letterman studied broadcast major inn Ball State University. He was also a host in a children program. Back in Indianapolis, he was a radio host and a news anchor. But it is his new humor that becomes his brand although back then it wasn’t appreciated.

The late show hour expresses his quirky side and he is soon a popular man with young audience. The comic stunts may be weird but the celeb guests and irrelevant manner keep making the audience grow. He often made parodies and loads of features on stage.

In 1975, he moved to LA and he was the man behind the Good Times script. He appeared for the first time with his mentor, Johnny Carson in 1978 as he became the guest host regularly. He was also appeared in the day show in 1980. Although it did not last a year, the late night show followed was big massive success.

There is a huge difference between Letterman’s joke and Johnny Carson’s because of the random stuffs he talks. Carson was more about political humors whilst letterman cynically talks about anyone and even up to the strangest subjects. He even associate Larry Melman handed out pamphlets. Often time, he made his guests very uneasy with his intelligence. He even made a nasty abrasive comment and often make the audience laugh out loud.

In 2009, David Letterman admitted a scandal with his staff. He testified being forced to pay $2 million if he didn’t admit the adultery. In his late show, people were waiting for punch line that he never said but he described how he met his attorney and set a meeting with the person who blackmailed him.

It was a huge news because the infidelities have almost swallowed his career. He made an apology to his wife after admitting sexual relationship with his female staff.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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