Lori Rothman started to work on Fox Business Network or FBN in the year 2010 and she was an anchor. She received the bachelor for Arts Degree in the broadcast journalism in the history of University of Southern California. Before starting to work for FBN, she was serving as the Dayside anchor of Bloomberg Television and he was covering the marketplace for corporate earning and for global economic recession. She was able to interview major financial newsmakers and this included BlackRock Vice Chairman Bob Dool, Dick Bove and Rochdale Securities analyst and billionaire investor called Wilbur Ross who was a former reporter for New York Stock Exchange of Bloomberg Television and its syndicated reports.

Before working at Bloomberg, she was anchoring the morning news programming of WPTZ-TV and for its NBC affiliate tha based in Burlington and Plattsburgh. She was recognized and given the Associated Press Award when she covered flooding in this region. She was also the weekend anchor of CBS Affiliate called KREX-TV in the grand junction of Colorado where she was the reporter for CW affiliate called KJUD-TV in Alaska. Lori Rothman has become a regular panelist of Fox News Channel Program called Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

Lori Rothman went to live in New York in 2000 and she met there her future husband, called Mike in the bar. The husband Mike was working for private equity firm of Greenwich, Connecticut and was before a player. She is a mother of two daughters, Aubrey born in the year 2007 and of Penelope born in the year 2009. Lori Rothman has two dogs and they are Brutus and Bernice and they are mini-dachshunds. They are living in the county of Westchester in Connecticut State and there is no sign that they may divorce soon.

Lori Rothman has a list of many fans and people do follow her on Twitter and facebook. People can also read about her from different websites including imdb and wiki. Lori Rothman is of American Nationality and Jewish Ethnicity. Her net worth is 3 million and the color of her hair is black. Her age is not clear since there is no information about her birth date.

Lori Rothman is charismatic and beautiful and she was born in Boston and her father is a Jewish who worked as orthodontist and there is not that much information in regards of her life. She spent most of her life attending the school there and she has a degree of Broadcast Journalism and the history from the University of California. It was her lifelong dream to be seen on TV and this is why she joined TV industry when she finished her graduation. Lori Rothman is a popular person because of her beauty and her talent. Her height is five feet with some inches and she always keeps fit by maintaining her body to be slim and to have curvy body features.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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