Terrence "Terry" Quinn, popularly known as Terrance O'Quinn or Terry O'Quinn, came to life on July 15th 1952. He was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, U.S and is a Native American. He was born to the parents who had 11 children in total and he one of the total 11 siblings. He has a brother named ‘Thomas Anthony Quinn’ who is also an actor by profession. Terry is characterized for his bald head which he has been keeping since a long time now. He is also known for his blue eyes, soft voice and charming personality. Terry had an earlier surname Quinn which he later changed to O’Quinn because of the presence of an American actor with the same name in the industry.

Terry did his graduation from Central Michigan University and later on migrated to University of Iowa to complete his graduation. He started acting while he was studying and did various stage shows and other performances. He was interested in acting since he was very young in age. Terry later on married his wife Lori in the year 1979 and they both had 2 sons as well. However recently Terry and Lori filed for a divorce and separated because of internal differences. Terry is now living with his girlfriend ‘Kate Baldwin’. Terry avoided a major incident during the shooting of his TV series ‘Lost’. He stabbed his co actor with a real knife instead of using an artificial knife mistakenly. However the actor was just saved because of the jacket he was wearing.

According to his biography, Terry started acting in movies in the 1980 when he appeared in a movie called ‘Heaven’s Gate’. The movie had a strong star cast and was projected to be a hit of the future. However the movies failed at the box office and performed very badly. Quinn also played certain characters in various plays and shows in the initial part of his career and was noticed during that time. He started appearing in some movies like ‘The Doctors’, ‘All the Right Moves’ ‘Prices in the Heart’ and others during the initial years of his acting. Terry however got the major breakthrough in the movie ‘The Stepfather’ which was a horror movie and Terry played the role of ‘Jerry Blake’ in the movie. The movie was a super hit and was nominated along with its actors for many awards. The role of Terry was much appreciated. Terry later on appeared in the consequent movie ‘The Stepfather II’ which was again a hit. Later on Terry acted in many movies.

Terry is also known for his acting in TV shows including the popular shows like ‘Lost’, ‘Earth 2’, ‘Millennium’, ‘Harsh Realm’, ‘Alias’, ‘The West Wing’ amongst many others. He has acted in over 40 movies and almost equal number of TV shows. Terry would be very soon seen in his new show named ‘Secret and Lies’. Terry can also be seen participating in many events, interview shows and concerts like he appeared on the premier of the movie ‘The Hobbit’ very recently.

Terry is also very active on social media platforms like Twitter and keeps on posting his recent pictures and other posts on the platform.

Last Modified: Aug 10, 2021

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