Chris Tucker’s full name is Christopher Tucker and he is a stand up comedian and American actor. He is known to play as Smokey in the movie Friday and like Detective James Carter in Rush Hour Film series. He was a regular stand up performer at Def Comedy jam of 1990s. He was also on The Fifth Element of Luc Besson.

Chris Tucker was born in the year 1971 in the State of Georgia and in the city of Atlanta. He is the last son of Mary Louise and of Norris Tucker. The father was a businessman who worked independently and he had a janitorial service. Tucker grew up in the city of Decatur of Georgia and after the graduation of Columbia High School of Decatur; he went to start living in Los Angeles in the state of California where he wanted to purse the career in acting and in comedy.

By 1992, when he was 20 years old, he was a performer at Def Comedy Jam and he made the cinematic debut when he played in House Party and he gained film recognition together with rapper Ice Cube in the year 1995 when they played in the movie last friday. He was a co-star in Money Talks with Charlie Sheen and he was with Bruce Willis in the movie the Fifth Element. He played Rush Hour with Jackie Chan with its two sequels. He was playing as Detective James Carter and after the success of Rush Hour, he was paid the salary of 20 million for Rush Hour 2 and of 25 million dollars for the Rush Hour 3. He was given 40 million for two movie contract with the New Line and for Rush Hour 3, in addition of the salary, he was to get 20 percent of gross income.

In Next Friday, Chris Tucker did not take up his role of Smokey since he was born again Christian. He starred in the video of the song You Rock My World of Michael Jackson. He had a cameo appearance in California Love of Tupac Shakur. He played in the NBA All Star Weekend which is a Celebrity Game.

Chris Tucker was a star for New Line drama film called Mr S: My Life with Frank Sinatra and it was directed under Brett Ratner and it is based on autobiography of George Jacob when he was worked as a valet of Frank Sinatra in Rat Pack era.

Chris Tucker has a son called Destin and he lives together with his mother and Chris Tucker likes to be in Georgia, Nevada, Bel Air and Los Angeles. He is a friend of Jackie Chan and he was a friend to Michael Jackson. He is a friend of Bill Clinton and Endorsed Black Obama. By 2015, his net worth was 11.5 million. One of his new movies is Long Halftime Walk of Billy Lynn.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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