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Lesbian and WNBA are terms that come together often and this is because there are a number of many people who are coming out of the closet joining proud LGBT. The fans of WNBA are also concentrated with the remarkable number of the fans found in the community of LGBT. They like to get inspiration from the people.

With the initiation of LGBT, many players had decided to agree in public that they are lesbian. Embracing the LGBT does not have to be the issue within this century because many individuals with the personal right activist wants everyone to live as they like. Lesbian Wnba players are now coming out of the closet

The following is the biography of the top players of WNBA who agree that they are lesbian and who are proud of it.

Sheryl Swoopes is the legend in basketball and she is a three time Olympic gold medalist who has been able to accomplish everything in the court and it was dubbed the WNBA’s Michael Jordan. Before, she was married with a man but afterwards in 2005, she said that she is a lesbian and started a relationship with Alisa Scott. Sheryl is now the head of coaches of Loyola University Chicago and she is an active member of the LGBT.

Brittney Griner was the best player while in high school and she had achieved too much while at the court. She is a controversial name when it comes to the lesbian sports woman. She agreed that she is a lesbian in 2013. She married a fellow player Glory Johnson but the marriage did not last long even it received too much hype. She was bullied as a child and she is working on this issue now.

Seimone Augustus featured in the Next Michael Jordan while in high school and she had been the WNBA champion three times. She never hesitates in talking about her life as a lesbian and she married LaTaya Varner in the year 2015.

Cappie Pondexter does not like to talk about herself and the life she suffered while growing up. However, she was featured in the Lesbian magazine which included her name in the proud lesbians. She was said to be in relationship with model Rita Lynn in the year 2013.

Angel McCoughtry is known as one of the strongest women on the court and at the same time, she agreed to come out as proud lesbian. At the beginning, she was pressured by the family and team to renounce being lesbian but she did not do it and now she is free and has no pressure in doing what she likes most.

Janel McCarville is a player of Minnesota Lynx Center and she stood out while in college and she had never feared to say that she is a lesbian. Pictures of these women can be found on their Instagram and twitter accounts and you can learn about their net worth on their wiki pages.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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