Anthony Geary

Anthony Geary was born in the year 1947 and he is a former actor of American citizenship. He is known for playing a role of Luke Spencer in General Hospital, an ABC Daytime drama. He was the original actor of Luke in the year 1978 and he was able to receive Daytime Emmy Award for the eigh times. He was the prominent support of cult comedy film UHF of Weird Al Yankovic.

From his biography, Anthony Geary was born in the city of Coalville, in Utah. His parents are Rusell Dean Geary and late Dana. The father was building contractor and the owner of the construction company. The mother was a homemaker and he assisted the father as the bookkeeper in his business. The father was the mayor of the Coalville and both the parents were playing in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

He has two siblings DeAnn Geary Bond and Jana Geary Steele. For his, education He attended University of Utah in Salt Lake City when he was on theater scholarship. When he reached the age of 21, together with Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar performed like a chorus boy for Las Vegas Stage. During this performance, he fell down and he got a scar on his chin.

His first appearance was on the television for the episode in the Room 222. Afterwards, he appeared in All Ion the Family, Barbany Jones, The Street of San Francisco, Marcus Welby M.D, Mannix and The Mod Squad.

He played as George Curtis, a rapist for The Young and The Restless and in the year 1978, he got hired to work for 13 week story where he was playing as Luke Spencer for General Hospital Soap. His character started like a hit man but latter become the rapist who falls in love with the victim and married her. Everyone loved the way he portrayed Luke Spencer and he got a full contract for the role. His on screen wedding to his former victim, become the highest rated opera episode for all the time.

He wanted to play something else in the General Hospital and he was given the role of Bill Eckert who was also his look alike and cousin. However, the role got poor feedback and the character was killed off so he came back to play as Luke. He has been in many shows and this includes Human Scratchings which was an award winning show.

For the role in General hospital, he made the record of being the lead actor with the highest Day time Emmy Award with 8 wins and 16 nominations. He stopped to act in his role in 2015.

In spoof and comedy movie UHF, he was a studio engineer and scientist. He also appeared in Disorderlies together with The Fat Boys rappers. His Twitter is @GHGeary Instagram is @geeaarry, his net worth is around 9 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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