Chaz Bono is a Los Angeles-born artist and activist whose precise birth date is March 4th 1969. Chaz’s parents are the renowned TV performers as well as singers Sonny and Cher. Bono, however, was born female but his admiration for his father made him embrace a male personality. Being the child of star parents he was, Chaz made various appearances while still young on his parents’ show. Such an early introduction into the filming industry is perhaps why Bono has an exceptional mastery of his art.

Personal Life

From Chaz Bono’s biography, his birth place is Los Angeles, California. His parents, Sonny and Cher, only had one child and thus, Bono has no siblings. However, being the only child, Bono’s parents paid much attention to him to the extent of raising him up in the limelight. He received the spotlight while young as a result of appearing on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, his parent’s show.

At a young age, Chaz always admired being another version of his father. Unfortunately, in 1975, Bono was forced to live without seeing his parents live under the same roof as he used to. This is because after his parents divorced in that year they changed localities. For his education, Chaz joined the High School for Performing in New York. As a teenager, Bono was Jenifer Anniston’s classmate.

During the time Bono was suffering from endometriosis, he was addicted to painkillers and battled the abuse problem for years. Fortunately, in 2004, he overcame the addiction and gained sobriety. But even after reaching sobriety, Chaz had gained excessive weight and even featured on Celebrity Fit Club due to his weight-related issues.

Two years after featuring on Celebrity Fit Club, Bono stated his transitioning journey into the male gender. This transition entailed both physical and social transitioning which led him to changing both his gender and name. The Transition: The Story of How I became a Man is Chaz’s book that narrates more on his transition experiences throughout the years.  

Career Life

Chaz Bono was a student at the New York University. However, due to his music career aspirations, Chaz’s university life was short-lived. He became a lead vocalist and guitarist for Ceremony, his band. As a result of Bono’s parents’ efforts, Ceremony was offered a contract by Geffen Records. Having gained inspiration from rock music, Ceremony released Hang out Your Poetry, its only album. The album, which was heavily marked by a pop sound, featured Jerry Garcia. However, the album did not accrue the anticipated success.

Apart from music, Chaz is also an activist. His activism commenced at the time he was alleged to be a lesbian. During this time, Bono used The Advocate as the means to raise awareness on homosexuality. Having engaged in a Human Rights Campaign, Chaz became the Gay & Lesbian Against Defamation (GLAAD) entertainment director. In 1998, Chaz parted ways with GLAAD. Currently, Bono’s net worth is $0.5 million. Of all social sites, Bono is fond of Instagram and Twitter.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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