Katie Couric

Katherine Anne Couric, commonly known as Katie, is an American-born author and journalist. She is known for having worked with the top-tier broadcasting television networks in the United States including the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and National Broadcasting Company (NBC).


Katie was born on January 7th 1957 in Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A. Katie’s parents are Elinor Tullie and John Martin Couric. Her dad is a public relations executive and also works at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the United Press in Washington as a news editor. On the other hand, her mom is a homemaker and also a writer, though not full time. Despite being in a family of four children, Katie is the youngest and was brought up as a Presbyterian though her mom is Jewish.

For her education, Katie went to school in Arlington attending Jamestown Elementary and Williamsburg Middle School then later attended Yorktown High school where she was a cheerleader. While still in high school, Couric worked as an intern at WAVA. During her University years, Katie served in many positions at the Cavalier Daily and in 1979 she attained a degree in American Studies from the University of Virginia and moved to Washington, D.C to kick start her career in reporting news on the television.

Katie, in 1989, got married to Jay Monahan, a Washington, D.C-based lawyer. The couple had two children; Elinor Tully and Caroline Couric. After 9 years of marriage, Katie’s husband, Monahan died in January 1998 after battling colon cancer for six months. He was 42 years old. Her husband’s untimely death drove her towards a campaign of raising money to research and fight against colon cancer. She got married to John Molter in 2014 after much consideration. 


Katie career has been highlighted with major opportunities for working with the top TV networks. She landed her first job at ABC News bureau in 1979 and later transferred to CNN to work as an assignment editor. She also worked for WRC-TV as a general-assignment reporter and in the process earned an Associated Press award and Emmy award, a first of many thereby proving her zeal for journalism.

In 2002, Katie made history when she signed a new contract with NBC worth $65 million over a four and a half year period making her the world’s highest paid television personality. Some time back in her career, Katie had an altercation on Instagram with Kim Kardashian over a comment she had made but apologized saying she did not mean to hurt Kim’s feelings.

Aside from the television screen, Katie published The Best Advice I Ever Got, a book which was authored by various prominent personnel including Tyra Banks and Sir Salman Rushdie. She has also had a number of documentaries and podcasts in matters politics, gender identities, and culture. Having worked for the many famous TV news channels, Katie’s fame and popularity has grown all over the world. With a salary of $10 million at Yahoo, Katie is of a $55 million net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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