Octavia Spencer

According to IMDb, Octavia was born as Octavia Lenora Spencer in Alabama. After sifting to Los Angeles, Octavia started appearing on television as well as in films. She has characterized in TV series and films such as The Chronicle, City of Angeles, etc. Apart from Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, Spencer has won an Academy Award. Unfortunately, the actress was recently diagnosed with dyslexia.

Octavia’s biography does not reveal details of her childhood education life or her parents’ background. Aside from acting, Octavia is a top-notch author that started a book series revolving around children stories which is titled Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective. The series entails two books – The Sweetest Heist in History and The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit. Unlike his Twitter handle (@Octavia_Spencer), Octavia is on Instagram as @therealoctaviaspencer.

Personal Life

In her family, Octavia Spencer is the second youngest of her six siblings. Since none of her family members was into acting, Octavia never thought she would become famous due to acting. However, seeing her interest in performing, Spencer’s mother encouraged her to take more practical steps. As a result, Octavia attended Auburn University where she pursued English and Theater Arts. After her graduation in 1994, Spencer entered into the filming industry; however, she only worked behind the camera.

Apart from fame, the entertainment industry has also brought many financial benefits to Octavia. Currently, she is paid at least $75,000 per episode and her net worth is $12 million. Such a huge salary is due to Octavia’s exceptional characterization in films and on TV that has won her most acclaims. However, despite reaching levels in her career that a majority of the people only dream of, Octavia’s marital status has been single for long. That is to say, Octavia is neither married nor does she have a husband.

Spencer’s relationship status has troubled most of her audience, especially considering that she is 46 years of age. In the past though, Octavia was associated with Tate Taylor and Josh Hopkins – both are actors. However, according to Spencer, Josh is just a close friend. Octavia is reportedly comfortable with her state and doesn’t plan to start a family or have children anytime soon.

Career Life

As far as Octavia’s acting career is concerned, her first cast in a film presented itself in 1995 when she played in A Time to Kill. This film saw Octavia play an on-screen role alongside Samuel Jackson, Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock. Spencer’s performance on A Time to Kill left an impression that saw her being cast in Making Sandwiches in 1998.

To sharpen her acting skills, Octavia undertook acting classes, and after much improvement, she cast in The X-Flies and ER. In 2000, she played in City of Angels, a medical drama. After the short-lived TV series, Octavia cast in The Chronicle before featuring on Chicken Party. Spencer’s other films include Bad Santa and Ugly Betty. After winning an Oscar, Octavia has played in Get on Up, Fruitvale Station, Black or White, Insurgent, Zootopia and Hidden Figures.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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