Kendis Gibson is known as an American reporter and news anchor who currently works at ABC News. He is highly respected in his field and has won an Emmy award twice in his career.


It was on the 6th of September 1978 that Kendis Gibson came into the world as a baby boy. For his university education, Gibson was enrolled at a State University in New York, which is located in Oswego. In 1994, Gibson graduated from the university after having attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Journalism Career

At the start of his journalism career, Gibson started as an employee of a NBC affiliate station which is located in Rochester, New York. He then spent a total of three years at NBC before moving to the WTXF station which is located in Philadelphia. While at WTXF, Gibson specialized as a morning reporter and anchor. It was a great job that earned him the two Emmy Awards that he is very proud of. After working for WTXF, he later moved to New York City where he worked for the WNBC News Channel as a reporter.

At NBC, Kendis Gibson took on the biggest news stories that developed at the time such as the Concorde crash. Since Gibson’s house is in close proximity to the World Trade Center, the story of the 9/11 attack was one that he followed closely. Gibson was among the first reporters to report on the scene and it marked a big milestone in his career. As a young man, he was always in awe of his journalism heroes as they rushed to cover breaking stories. When the terrorist attack in New York happened, it gave Gibson a chance to be right in the middle of it all as he presented his viewpoint to the television audience.

In January 2002, Gibson joined CNN Headline News and CNN as an occasional news anchor and entertainment anchor. He was grateful for the exposure and opportunity because his work was now able to be seen nationally. In his three year duration there making appearances on the red carpet became a common event for Gibson including the Grammy Awards and the Academy Awards. He was all over Twitter with his coverage of celebrity events.

He has also spent time hosting HGTV’s I Want That. He even got to spend some time on the warm west coast when he was the KSWB-TV evening news anchor in San Diego, California. In June 2010, he joined CBS News. He had a great time before leaving and joining ABC News as an entertainment correspondent.

A Hero’s Return

When Kendis returned to his home country of Belize, the local media were eager to get a word with him. They were very proud to have one of their own represent them on American soil. When asked about his career and what he has accomplished so far, Kendis could not stop smiling as he thought about what to say,  “It’s been a fun road and a fun ride.  When I left here I had no idea that I wanted to get into TV news and one of my brothers used to watch TV news a lot and that really got me interested in it and immediately I started going to school for journalism and that just went from one thing to the other where I started out in a small market like most people do in the U.S. “


After paying his dues and starting off small, Kendis pointed out the moment when his career really started to take off and rise to the sky, “You start in a small town and then you head to bigger markets from that point, and I got quick success where, you know, after 9/11 and working for NBC and being in New York and being there and seeing the towers come down I was like alright, I’m burnt out.  No more news.  And I wanted to get into entertainment and I went to CNN and was lucky enough to do entertainment reporting for a few years and meet all of the stars of today. “

His job at CNN gave him a lot of stable income and made him feel comfortable. He felt like he had made it but it wasn’t until he got to ABC that he felt like he found his home, “I’ve been at ABC now for two and a half years.  I’ve been doing this early morning newscast for going on two years now and I have another year and a half on my contract and I’m enjoying what we do, despite the hours.  “

He thinks his program at ABC great show because the anchors are allowed to have fun in between the moments when they have to deliver serious news.

Personal Life

Unlike most TV personalities, Gibson has successfully maintained a secretive personal life. However, judging from the public information available, it can be deduced that he has no wife since there are no records of him being previously married or having any children. Gibson’s past dating relationship remains anonymous since it has been hidden pretty well from the tabloids and media. There have been no gossip or rumors of Gibson being associated with any female from the domain of journalism.

Over the past decades, Kendis Gibson has experienced a rise in his net worth although his exact salary remains unknown. However, based on his high-profile job at ABC News, it is only sensible to conclude that he enjoys a pretty high salary which translates to a stable net worth.

The most predominant feature in the list of Kendis Gibson’s achievements is his two-time Emmy Award winning accomplishment. Gibson claimed this award twice as a result of his outstanding sports feature and news reporting. Apart from his Emmy-award winning regimen, Gibson is also a featured figure in the National Association of Black Journalists.

On his social media platforms, Kendis is very outspoken. He even got into a little bit of hot water for making fun of the K-pop band, BTS.

Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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