Johnny Dare is a very well-known personality who is quite famous for his radio talk shows.

Personal life

Johnny Dare was born in the year 1968 on August 27th in the United States. After completing his graduation, he joined the radio station as a host. He had an amazing talent of convincing people and making them laugh. This talent helped him to get the opportunity of joining the famous radio station 98.9, The Rock, which is situated in the Kansas City. Within a short span of time, he achieved a lot of success and became very popular in the radio station.

His career touched the zenith when he got the chance of hosting the morning show named as, The Johnny Dare Morning Show. This helped to increase the number of followers and made him more popular. He achieved a lot of success in his career, which helped him to earn a handsome amount of net worth. His fans growing at a faster rate, with each passing day, due to the popularity, he still retains. Till now, he works as the host of the Johnny Dare Morning Show, which is one of the favorites of his followers.


He started his career as a co-hoster in the Kansas City with the Z Network. Doung Sorenson gave Dare the chance of a year trial to gain a work experience at the KQRC radio station. In the local segment, as a co-hoster, he presented an amazing performance, which impressed the authorities. In 1993, he was appointed as the host of the morning show The Johnny Dare Morning Show which is the station's most popular radio show, since then.

Since 1993, this show has achieved the top position in the Arbitron ratings. Then, only Dare was the single host of this radio show but now, there are also many personalities with him. Nycki Pace, T-Bone, Jake the Phone Snake and Gregg are also featured in this radio show. Many celebrities are also invited and are interviewed which is increasing the popularity of the radio station and also helped it to receive awards. Social commentaries and various kinds of jokes are also cracked by the host which make people laugh and at the same time, strengthens his career as a host.

Dare also took part in many other talk shows as a guest. He is also a social worker and in the year 1996, he launched a campaign to help the families or individuals, who did not receive any kind of help from the other charities. Many people received a lot of help from this social campaign. Dare also established his name as a narrator at the Full Throttle Saloon show, which was presented by the truTV series. Recently, The Rock radio station has introduced a single day concert, the Rockfest which have gained lot of popularity and has become one of the famous concerts due to Dare, hosting it.

Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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