John Sterling is a radio announcer of the YES Network and WFAN and also a sportscaster in the Major League Baseball New York Yankees.

Personal life

John Sterling was born as John Sloss, in 1938, on July 4th in Manhattan, Upper East Side. He was born in a family which was quite wealthy and was the only son of Carl H. T. and Gladys Sloss. He completed his education from the Boston University and the Columbia University School of General Studies. He always wanted to pursue his career and had a great interest in sports. This is the reason that after completing his education, he joined a small local radio station in the Wellsville area. He fulfilled his dreams by pursuing his career as a sportscaster. Now, he lives in the New Jersey where he used to live with his ex-wife Jennifer Sterling after a married life of twelve years. He has four children from his previous wife. He has accounted a high amount of net worth, which he earned as a sportscaster in his career.


John Sterling began his career as an announcer in the Baltimore Bullets in the NBA season. He also served as a play-by-play announcer for the Morgan State University football for seven years. He then joined as a talk show host in New York broadcasting. He also worked in the WHA New York Raiders along with Bob Lawrence. He also hosted with many other personalities on the cable segments. As he worked as a sportscaster, he made sports announcements of Nets and Islanders games. He also did a sports show for nine years in Atlanta and covered the Braves.

Later, when he came back to New York he started working for the New York Yankees Radio Network. He worked for a long time with them, which further helped him to extend his contract with them, till 2017. His talent did not only remain within the sports fields but was also appointed as the host of the Yankeeography series which he hosts for the YES Network. Sterling has secured several awards for his excellent work performances regarding the sports. He has received two Emmy awards for the Yankee classics. Moreover, WBCS- TV has launched a show named as Sterling on Sports to highlight Sterling as a host and his news as a sportscaster. Michael Kay also cooperates with Sterling when the Yankee is telecasted.

Sterling's style of announcement is marked as one of the distinctive style. He has a nice vocal personality and has a spark in his voice, which displays excitement in the field and also motivates the players. Many media and mass groups have voted him as the best sports announcer even though, many have also criticized him but nothing has affected his career. Many newspapers and magazines have also displayed his professional qualities and talents on the pages. Many baseball players have also said how his commentaries motivate them. The reaction of common people to his announcements has remained great from the past years.

Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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