Leslie Marshall is a famous actress known for her performances in America Live and Hannity. She is a famous host when it comes to liberal radio talk.


The story of Leslie Marshall starts with her place of birth which occurred in the state of Massachusetts. There is no record available of her age and date of birth. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of the North Eastern and earned her master’s degree from Emerson College.

Broadcasting Career

She was the first woman to host a nationwide issues oriented program. She started her career as a news reporter of the radio industry in Boston. After that, she started working on radio and television programs in Miami, Florida.

She is a major contributor for Fox News. She is a strategist for democracy plans. She is also a writer that is happy to be writing a blog for Politico. She also writes blogging posts on Huffington Post.

She also hosted on the TV channel KRON - TV in the show Bay Title. She again joined WLS in Chicago. She also hosted the show WGR- TV, the show was called Beyond the Beltway. After moving to Los Angeles, she joined her husband and started hosting radio shows on different channels such as KABC and KFI.

After reporting, hosting, and anchoring for many years, she decided to move to talk radio as her main profession. She worked as a radio host that wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. She worked in Buffalo at WGR and in Houston at KPRC. After those stints, she went to work in Chicago so that she could host the afternoon show. She then went to San Francisco and joined KGO. She hosted Hot Talk in Sacramento.

She has appeared on different shows such as Hannity & Colmes. There are also various drama shows in which she made guest appearances such as Passions, NYPD Blue, and Port Charles. The name of her latest film appearance is Mexican Werewolf.

Personal Life

She is now married and she has never been divorced. She got married with Bill Weld and lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Her husband is working as a surgeon and is working towards having his own medical center. Her husband is a Muslim who is a proud physician. She is now converted to Islam and has a pro stance on the Muslim faith.

She has two children, one son who was born in the year 2007 and one daughter born in 2008. She has a strong passion towards friends, shoes, and family. She tries to find a balance in her work life and family life because she wants to be there for her family. She enjoys her work but she always puts her family first and wants to raise them in her own way.

The net worth of Leslie is very much impressive. She has an outstanding career and is followed by thousands of people on social networking site. She joined Twitter in March 2009 and loves to interact with her fans.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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