Judith Miller is a famous journalist and writer. She was born on 2nd January 1984. Her father Bill Miller was a Jewish who used to run nightclubs in New Jersey and Las Vegas. She spent her childhood in Miami, and later she moved to Los Angles with her family. She joined Hollywood School of Loss Angles. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in 1969 from Barnard College and got her Master’s Degree from Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs in Public Affairs. Her interests in Israeli-Palestinian dispute led her all the way to Jerusalem for her research paper in 1971.

She had an extraordinary career in journalism. She worked as the senior writer for The New York Times and has also won Pulitzer Award for the report on September 11 attacks and world terrorism. The writer was even surrounded in controversies and critics for the WMD program in Iraq. The report was criticized for having false information on Iraq. Some of her stories covered in the program on Iraq were found false and admitted this fact. But she also pointed that her stories in the program came from the people who helped to cover the report and eventually ended up winning Pulitzer Award.

Her journalism career faced another controversy as Plame Affair. She presented that Valerie Plame was a CIA member. She denied announcing her sources for the information. The writer spent 85 days in jail during this controversy. The reporter quoted in her biography that she went to jail because of her belief in protecting the confidential relation of the journalists with their sources. She was hiding the sources in her scooter. Due to this controversial affair, the writer had to resign from post at the New York Times, and she joined Fox News Channel.

After joining Fox News Channel; she said in an interview that she felt free for the first time to present her ideas on politics. She also added that she was a supporter of Hillary but has moved to support Obama since they share the same political affiliation. Giving continuity to her career in journalism, she is also serving as a writer at the Newsmax magazine. She is currently a member of Manhattan Institute and Council of Foreign Relations.

She wrote “God Has Ninety-Nine Names, Reporting from the Militant Middle East,” in 1996 and “One, By One, By One,” in 1990. In “Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf,” she played the role of the co-author which was published in 1990. During the Gulf war, the book became the New Times best seller. She also co-authored “Germs: Biological Weapons and American’s Secret War,” with Stephen Engelberg and William Broad. Her expert talks on security affairs and Middle Eastern was displayed on many television news and shows including “CNN.”

In the year 1993, she is married to Jason Epstein. Her husband has two children from his first marriage. After her controversial career as a Journalist, her net worth seems to have dropped yet it is not disclosed. She is still getting a platform to present her views and ideas on public affairs, Middle East, Islam, National Security, and Terrorism.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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