Kate Mansi was born on the 15th of September, 1987 in Calabasas, Southern California, United States of America. There were some Italian and Irish ancestors in her family. One of her parents, her mother, was associated with dancing. As to the siblings, Kate has a sister, whose name is Alexa.

During the formative years, she attended the film and public relations at Pepperdine University. While studying, she participated in the National Womack Speech Competition and won the second prize. Finally, she graduated from the university with a BA degree. Following her mother’s footsteps, Kate was interested in dance and devoted many hours to practicing it. When she was fifteen, she took part in the Pacific Festival Ballet, where she performed in such shows like: Nutcracker', 'Bambi', 'Peter Pan', and 'Heaven and Hell'.

Later, she decided to become a social worker, so she had worked as a volunteer with Orphanage Outreach in Haiti and helped people in the Dominican Republic. As to the acting career, for some period Kate Mansi was appearing in different commercials and public relations. In 2008, she has also performed a guest role as Amanda on the season 4 of CBS hit show “How I Met Your Mother.” After appearing in such a popular show, she was invited to many other projects. One of them was “Days of Our Lives.”

Therefore, since 2010 to the end of 2016, Kate played a recurring role of Abigail Deveraux, which brought her more glory and recognition than she ever had before. Besides, the heroine, which Kate played, is the daughter of popular super couple Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton. Her life is full of young love and budding romances. There were many dramas during the show. In one of the series, Abigail sleeps with Chad, in spite of the fact that she is in relationship with Ben.

Later, she assured herself to be pregnant due to morning sickness. After taking a pregnancy test, which returns a positive result, she do not know who the father is. For Kate, it was almost success to play such difficult choices in people’s lives. The role made her not only a prominent person in the show business, but also showed her talent as an actress. In 2015, Mansi was seen in a role of Maria in the post-production film “Muse.” Soon there was an announcement that she will be showed as Krystal Kellers in the “Boyfriend Killer” in 2017.

As to the personal life in her biography, Kate is not married yet. There were some rumors that her boyfriend was a famous singer and an actor Casey Jon Derick. Nevertheless, any official agents of the stars did not approve this information. It is important to say that Kate is also a philanthropist and has commenced a campaign to raise $20,000 for Charity. In 2013, she wrote in her Twitter account about the success, which she achieved, in raising the full amount. Kate Mansi’s net worth is estimated to be around two million dollars.

Last Modified: Jul 3, 2020

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