Joshua Bee Alafia is an American cinematographer, director and producer. He is famous for his works like Se Safando of 2012, Cubamor of 2001 and others.

Personal life

He was interested in Hollywood from a very young age. He was born in USA and of black ethnicity. His parents supported him in his career for a long time. Joshua was not very active in the dating field. He married Yaya DaCosta in 2012. Yaya is an actress and fashion model. There are not a lot of details about their dating life. His girlfriends before Yaya are not known to media. Only after the news of their marriage came out, people came to know that he was dating Yaya. They had their first child in 2013.

After a year from the child birth, there were a lot of rumors about fights and separation. The couple did not comment on any on the rumors and the rumors kept multiplying. In 2015, Yaya filed divorce from Joshua. The reason for the separation was not mentioned to the media. Neither Yaya nor Joshua commented about the separation in any media.

A few days later, she posted her pictures in Instagram and people could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. His son was 15 months old when the divorce proceeding started. The divorce is not yet finalized and there are no details to how the progress is as of now.

Joshua is currently single and has no plans of getting into a relationship, as of now. The reason for separation is quite a mystery. There are no rumors or stories around the separation too, initially. Later, people started to accuse Yaya for putting her career, before the needs of her family. Joshua was not involved in any affair that the media knew about. Since neither of them have no plans on commenting on the reasons, there is very little chance that we will be able to learn about the cause of separation in near future.

A few months later, Yaya stated that she was never married to Joshua and thus, technically, she has not got divorced. She mentioned that she just have a child with him. It is said that there is a strong custody battle going on and Yaya plans on exposing Joshua as a boyfriend, who got her pregnant. However, people and the media remember the ceremony of wedding of Joshua and Yaya. Later, Yaya filed for an annulment. Joshua did not comment on this too. There are a few news from close circles that the divorce could get nasty in the near future over the custody battle of the child.


The first name in his career biography is Cubamor of 2001. He worked as a cinematographer in the movie. Later, he worked in Cuban Hip Hop All-Star, The Seed, One Night Stand, Let’s Stay Together and many others. He has also worked on documentaries like Havana Habibi, Maybe Dreams Can Come True and others. Apart from cinematography, he worked in the camera and electrical department, sound department and others. He is much known for his delicate work. His net worth and salary details are not known to the media.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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