Josina Anderson is a renowned journalist who is famous for her career as reporter for ESPN. She has also worked with Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Live, SportsCenter and others.

Personal life

Josina was born in 1978 in Washington D.C. She was born to Yasmin and Lloyd Anderson. She is an African American by birth. Other than these, there are no details about her parents. She is never seen in public with her parents and neither are there any pictures of her with her parents on the internet. From a very young age, she wanted to pursue journalism. She took up her graduation in University of North Carolina.

Josina is not married till date and none of her boyfriends are known to the media. As of now, it is not known whether she is in a relationship or is single. It is not known whether she has interest in marrying and settling down. Though there are a few rumors about Josina being gay, there is no proof, for the same. No woman has ever come up to the media to inform that she is/was having a romantic relationship with Josina.

There are also rumors that Josina is secretly married to one of her co-workers. Though Josina never commented on any of the rumors, the rumors died without any concrete proof. The main reason behind Josina being single and not interested in dating is her work. She is a workaholic. She is active in social media like Twitter but, she posts her work related pictures and details only.

It is assumed that she was never married or engaged. She has never mothered a child. She was never in a serious relationship that is known to media. She does not talks about her crushes and old relationships too.

She never talks about her personal life, parents, childhood and other intimate details. As of now, there is no news about Josina being in a relationship. She is never seen with anyone with whom he could be rumored to be in a relationship with.


Josina Anderson started her career in 2000. The first employer in her career biography is CBS affiliated Coos Bay. She worked as a reporter and as an anchor. In 2001, she worked with Redskins Magazine, Roundball Report and Sideline Report. She was also the host of a weekly sports radio show named Scoop center in WKYS 93.9. She later, worked for FOX 31. In 2011, she joined ESPN in Chicago. She also worked with NFL Live and SportsCenter. In 2015, she joined NFL Insider as the first female National NFL Insider.

She also had a childhood dream of becoming a ballet dancer. She took up dance theatre practice in Harlem and Pennsylvania Ballet. She has performed solo with American Youth Ballet.

She received Heartland Emmy Award for her ‘A Premonition to Addis Ababa’ in 2009. Her net worth is assumed to be $2.2 million dollars as of 2016. Her current salary details are not known to media. She is an active contributor in charities that involve Ethiopian child health and nutrition. Her future plans in regards to her work and personal life are not known to media.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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