John Leguizamo was born on 22nd July 1964; he is a famous for his different acting roles, being versatile for playing heroic role, a sensitive man, a serial killer and a comedian. He is an American actor and comedian whose roots can be traced to Columbia.

Personal Life

John was born to the couple Luz Leguizamo and Alberto Leguizamo, his father was an ambitious film director. John had marched as global ambassador for Puerto Rican Day Parade held on 12th June 2011 as he confirmed his belonging to Puerto Rican origin.

The family moved to America when John was just four years old! They settled down in various vicinities of Queens, New York. He had faced quite a lot difficulties growing up in New York, he would be attacked when he was seen out on the roads. He defended himself and this proved to be helpful to him for making his career in stand-up comedian. He completed his graduation from Murry Bergtraum High School, where he was awarded the tag “most talkative” by his classmates for his comedy talks shared in class. John aspired to be a stand-up comedian, for his comedy skills and he landed not completing his degree in theatre arts.

John Leguizamo got hitched to Yelba Osorio, who was an actress in 1994, but their marriage didn’t go long eventually separated in 1996. Later, in midst of 2003, Leguizamo got married to Justine Maurer and is living a happy married life along with two children. They are blessed with a son Lucas" Leguizamo and daughter Allegra Sky Leguizamo.


When he was 14 years of age; his parents separated, and he got into breaking smaller laws along with his comedy show carries out in an address system of subway. His mischievous behavior made his parents send him back to Columbia, but this effort was in vain. John continued his comedy Columbia too, which proved to be fruitful as he joined an acting school, which was of great help in future. However, he eventually left the acting school in order to work with Manhattan comedy band.

His successful career in stand-up comedy made ways for his career in film industry. John started his career in movies with Casualties of War (1989) and grew with various movies lined up. He acted in almost 75 movies, till now. Some of his big budget movies were Die Hard II, Regarding Henryand Hanging with the Homeboys. Not satisfied by the movie roles offered, John went for live theatre comedy shows. His first live theatre comedy was Mambo Mouth, which was later broadcasted on HB, this comedy theatre fetched him series of awards including Obie Award. Few more of his successful theatres were Spic-O-Rama, Sexaholix a Love Story, FreakRomeo and Juliet and Spawn.

He made in career in television too, acting in TV series on FOX House of Buggin', Arabian Nights and a mini-series, One Thousand and One Night.  He also guest appeared in TV series Dora the Explorer in 2005 and in 2010 on TV series The Electric Company. He gave best hits in all his roles played, starting from like Ice Age turning to television doctor. His versatility didn’t stop at being producer, director, standup comedian and actor, he was also into writing. His first novel “My Life “was released in 2006, another graphic novel for his show, Ghetto Klown, was published in 2015.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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