Alexandra Krosney

Alexandra Krosney was born in the year 1988 and she is a television and film actress of American origins. She became well known for the role she had like Kristin Baxter in Last Man Standing at ABC sitcom in the first season of the show.

She has been in other roles like NCIS, Numb3rs, Nikita, ER, Cory In the House, Lost and Bones. She was also in Transformer: Prime computer animated series. She had been in some television films like original movie of Disney Channel called Read it and Weep, in Shreddman Rules of Nickelodeon Original movies and in the Last Day of Summer.

From her biography, Alexandra Krosney became interested in becoming an actress when she was still too young. She started the acting career in the year 2002 and it was in an episode of Grubbs. Afterwards, she started to get the roles in different movies and tv shows like on Strong Medicine, psych, Leann Dawber, Crossing Jordan, Grounded for life as Angelica and ER. She played like Nadia Harcourt in NCIS and like Amy Cullen in Bones.

Her role with Last Man Standing helped her to get recognition around the country and she was loved by many fans. In 2013, she was in Pinhole Effect, a short film an appeared in the movie Barely Lethal of 2015. She was also in Twenty Three Pints short film of 2016. She continues to work towards advancing her career.

Alexandra Krosney is not married up to now and had got no children. However, many things about her personal life had not been recorded for the public. The only thing know about her is her job in acting industry and there is no information about her dating history.

Alexandra Krosney is tall with 5 feet and 5 inches at her around 27 years old. She had maintained the perfect figure with 30-23-32 as body measurements. She does yoga and exercise to keep herself fine and fit. She has many fans that like her for her personality and her work.

In the Last Man Standing, Alexandra Krosney plays like a daughter of Mike. She got pregnant when she was in the senior year and continues to live with parents and a two year baby boy. She was playing as elder siblings of Mike Baxter played by Tim Allen. However, she did not come back in second season. Her role was taken up by Amanda Fuller when the second season came and the reason for this replacement is that Amanda looked older which was required for the role.

Even if Alexandra Krosney is not that famous as other stars, she is still talented and hardworking actress and she has made a net worth believed to be around 1,000,000 and makes the salary of 90,000 dollars per year. At her age, she has no boyfriend yet. Krosney’s imdb does not have much information about her.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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