Angela Rye is a renowned political commentator of the CNN channel and is very popular among people for her excellent work.

Personal life

 Angela Rye was born in the year 1979 on October 26th in Washington. She was brought up in a family where most of the family members were socially active and also had political relationships. Both her parents worked in social firms where they had established their name in each of their respective professional fields. Though they were linked to social firms in this way, they also had other professional privileges. Her mother was professor in a college and her father was a social event organiser.

Rye had a keen interest for debates and discussions, especially regarding political matters. She had also won several awards and certifications during her educational years in school. Later, when she completed her graduation from Washington University, she wanted to pursue her further education with law. She joined the Seattle University School of Law, where she pursued her career as a lawyer. There she studied law and also started her practice, as a lawyer.

As Rye had an interest in politics, she chose political advocacy as her career and joined a firm in Washington. Till now, no information about her married life has been recorded yet but it seems from her twitter profile that she will soon get engaged to somebody special in her life, though she has not made any official announcement regarding this yet.


 Angela Rye started her career as a political commentator at the National Association, which was a special association for black students in the country. She was offered the position of coordinator where she managed the political affairs. As Rye belonged to a family where political and social matters were discussed on a broader scale, she had connections and was thus involved with several associations and social firms.

She also established an advocacy firm for dealing with political matters in the year 2013, named as Impact Strategies. Later, she was appointed as the senior advisor in the House Committee on Homeland Security to help in developing several political strategies. This agency took special care and carried out and looked after the employment issues.

It was her constant focus and concentration towards her work and career that took her further in her career and gave her the opportunity to join the CNN as a commentator in the political fields. She is working as a political commentator in this agency currently. It is her dedication and hard work that has helped her to achieve success in her career. Her salary has also increased in the last few years and she has also remained involved in various recent political affairs.

With the increase in her age, she has also gained a lot of professional experience, which has helped her to improve in her career. She has been working for many years and thus, it can be easily concluded that her net worth would also be very high. She has never mentioned her exact net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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