Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth is a famous personality who has already established his name in the musical industry as a singer as well as a song-writer.

Personal life

Charlie Puth was born in the year 1991 on December 2nd. He was born to the parents who had direct connections to the musical industry. His father was a music teacher and was also famous for his talent. He had experienced a Catholic as well as a Jewish culture from childhood because of his parents belonging from different cultures. He also had two younger siblings who were twins. Charlie, being the eldest son in the family, wanted to fulfill the expectations of his parents by achieving excellence in music.

At the age of four, Puth started taking Piano lessons from his mother. From the beginning of his learning days, he had come to know about the right pitches of music which allowed him to cope up with music easily. Though his mother wanted him to practise the classical singing, but his father had noticed that Puth was much more interested in the jazz music than the classical music. So, when Puth was about ten years old, he started learning jazz. As he was already a trained student, he hardly had any difficulty to catch up with the musical notes he was taught.

After participating in several concerts, he decided to launch his own musical album. When he was only thirteen years old, he released his own album named as Have a Merry Charlie Christmas and went to everybody's residence to sell the album because of his minor popularity. The songs in the album were so good that it crossed $600 in the market. Puth did not ignore his education for music and went to Holy Cross School and finally graduated from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School during the year 2010.

After graduating, he wanted to pursue his further education with music to gain better knowledge and joined the Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School. He studied major in jazz piano and minor classical studies for three whole years and after that, graduated from the Berklee College of Music where he studied engineering and production of music.


When Puth graduated from the Berklee College of Music with his certificate in musical engineering and production, he stared his personal YouTube channel and named it as Charlie Vlogs. His first YouTube video music “These are my Sexy Shades” and his next debut “The Otto Tunes” caused a sensation. His songs were preferred by people because of their uniqueness. He went up through the stairs of success within a short period of time and released several music albums.

After establishing himself in the industry, he concentrated towards writing songs and he achieved success in this field when he participated in writing the song “Celebrate” on one of Pitbull's album. He has also received several awards for his recent success in the song “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa which was written to pay a tribute to the famous celebrity Paul Walker. He has also mentioned this song to be his greatest hit in several interviews. It is true that Puth has achieved much fame in his career within a short period of time, which is the reason of his high net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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