Charles Michel

Charles Michel is an established politician, who was born on the 21st of December and year 1975. Michel had politics in his blood; his dad Louis Michel was a well-known politician, in Belgium. Charles Michel became the youngest Prime Minister of Belgium, in 1845.

Personal Life:

Michel is a famous Belgian politician and currently is the Belgium’s Prime Minister. He was born in Namur, which is one of the three provinces of Belgium. From his childhood, Michel had shown interest in politics when he became part of Young Liberals of Jodoigne, in his teenage. At the age of 16, he was part of a political party where his dad was a mayor, since long. While completing his schooling, Michel was selected as regional councilor of a province in Belgium named Walloon Brabant, in the year 1994. Michel seems to be the only child in his family; there have been no details in public about his siblings, mother and rest of the family.

After his selection, 4 years later, he completed his graduation from University of Amsterdam and Université Libre de Bruxelles and grabbed his degree in law. After completion of his graduation in law, in 1988, he received the job of lawyer at Brussels Bar. From the year 2011 to October 2014, Michel led Mouvement Réformateur, which is a francophone copious party. In 2014, he was elected as Prime Minister of Belgium and he became the youngest person to have achieved this political rank and is serving the position, till date.


Michel’s dad was a teacher before he opted for career in politics; this could be one of the reasons for Michel’s Dutch being as fluent as his regional language, French. His studies from Amsterdam could be the next reason for his command over the Dutch language. He had been part of various political parties, before getting the seat of Prime Minister. He served 6 years being chairman of Jodoigne. He had 5 years membership of Walloon Brabant provincial council and then, was selected as Vice-Chairman.

He is also working as a lawyer since his graduation in law. Since mid-1999, he is one of the members of Central parliament. From 2004, the next four years, he was responsible for managing community companies and town planning. He had tasted duties of every possible level ranging from being member of a political federal party to being a vice chairman, also rising from being a spokesman to the Mayor.

Michel had rivalry with Didier Reynders, despite being in the same political party. In 2010, elections the party had faced losses due to Didier Reynders and thus, his seat being the leader was taken up by Michel which indirectly increased their rivalry. He was in the position of transforming the country, at very early age. He was the youngest home affair minister, mayor of the city and lastly, the Prime Minister. He is honored with national honorary orders of knighthood, which is one of the three highest orders of Belgium, which is a fantastic feat, in itself!

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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