Sophia Hardison

Sophia Hardison is 21 years old and she is a daughter of Chante Moore and Kadeem Hardison. She is known to look like her dady Kadeem. Even if her parents divorced after sometime after the marriage, they still do a good job in co-parenting. Sophia Hardison is known as a Larry Moore’s granddaughter and Bethann Hardison. She is LaTendre Moore’s niece and a sister for K.J Lattimore.

Kadeem Hardison is known as an actor. He got married to songwriter, singer and actress Chante Moore in 1997 and even if the two got married, they had already a daughter called Sophia Hardison born in the year 1996. However, the marriage did not last long and it ended in two years in 2000. Chante Moore has nothing bad to talk about her ex husband. She says that they started the relationship after getting married but afterwards, they become also friends. Even if she still loves him and respects him, she no long wants to be his girlfriend and he is free to get another girlfriend.

Kadeem Hardison said that he was in love with Cree Summers during interview at Dutch Youth Magazine in the 1980s. Summers is now married and her husband is Angelo Pullens and has two children. Kadeem is well known for different roles he had like White Men Can’t Jump, Made of Honor. His net worth is around 2 million dollars and continues his acting career with K.C Undercover.

Sophia Hardison’s mother is Chante Torrance Moore. She has won many awards as actress, songwriter, jazz and R&B singer. From her biography she was born and raised by parents who were Christian Evangelists. While growing up, she was listening to music and singing in church. She was influenced mostly by Lee Ritenour and George Duke. When she was twenty two years old, she was working as a model and beauty pageant. She got discovered by Louil Silas, an executive of MCA Records.

Chante Moore started to sing at Silas/MCA records in the year 1992 and when she recorded the first album. The album is named Precious and it was RIAA certified. It has the songs that became hits like Who Do I Turn To? It’s Alright and I’m What You Need.

In the year 1999, she was able to release the single named This Moment is Mine and it was followed by Chante’s Got a Man which became the best song from her by now. It was written for Kadeem Hardison when he was still her husband.

Chante was also married to Kenny Lattimore and they signed the duet act with Arista Records. Their first album called Things That Lovers Do was released in 2003. Chante got married to Kenny Lattimore, a singer in 2002. From the marriage, Sophia Hardison got her only sibling Kenny Jr. She divorced Kenny in the year 2011. Chante Moore’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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