A famous singer named Chante Moore born on 17th February in 1967. Her birth place was San Francisco in California. She was American. Chante Moore is not her birth name; her birth name is Chante Torrane Moore. The most attractive thing about her is that she is not only a singer but also a song writer and an actor. She is a successful woman in her professional life. A wide number of people become her fan because of her R&B and Jazz songs. Her voice and singing styles are different from others and loved by people all over the world.

Her Career

The most famous album that was released in 1992 was Precious. It was a huge hit commercially and critically acclaimed by song critics. A Love Supreme came in 1994. After this, she came with Exposed in the year of 2000. In 2002, she won Soul Train Music Award of the Best R&B/Soul Single with the song “Contagious”. This famous singer continued on her journey of singing and she was signed to the Arista Records. Chante Moore gave her duet albums Things That Lovers Do and Covered/ Uncovered. She also won the heart of her fans with R&B love songs and a double-CD of gospel. Her total net worth is more or less $1.5 million as of 2015.

Her Personal Life

Chante Moore’s personal life has not been so good because her married life was not successful. She had a boyfriend named Kadeem Hardison and she decided to marry him. In 1997, Moore married him, but, it was unfortunate that the marriage did not work. It came to an end with their divorce in 2000, after they became separate.

After 2 years, she came to know Kenny Lattimore and decided to marry him. They started her conjugal life with her second husband in 2002. In this case also, they wanted separation. She has two kids; Sophia Hardison from the first marriage and Keny Lattimore Jr. from the second marriage. Sophia Hardison is her daughter who she loves very much.

Her Recent Activities

· Chante Moore was involved in a solo recording contract with the Peak Records.

· Her solo album Love the Woman on June came in 2008. It was her fifth released solo.

· In 2009, she performed her fifth solo Love the Woman on June in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Georgia.

· She came to host a TV program that was about woman’s fitness in 2011. In 2012, he performed BET Awards.

· In 2013 she surprised her fans with her sixth solo album that is Moore is more after made a deal with Shanachie Entertainment.

· She got a chance to begin a restricted run in Vegas 2014.

· This renowned singer released her book "Will I Marry Me?” in 2014.

Her Awards

She won many awards for her unique quality. She got NAACP Image Award for outstanding new artist in 1992, NAACP Image Award for outstanding soundtrack album in 1996, Grammy Award in 1996 for the album of the year, American Music Award for Favourite Soundtrack in 1997, Grammy Award in 2002 for R&B Performance, Soul Train Track Music in 2002 for Best R&B/Soul Single and UB Honours for Best Independent R&B Album that was her “Moore is More.”

Chante Moore is a famous award winning singer who has won the heart of her fans by her extraordinary music.

Last Modified: Aug 10, 2021

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