Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt is a Portuguese national who was born on 20th September 1966 in Azores. He has two elder brothers named Luis and Roberto; both are guitarist and wished to bring their younger brother as a guitarist to. At the early age Nuno was not much interested in playing guitar and other musical instruments. He loved to play soccer and hockey. When his brothers learn him about guitar he did not take interest. Gradually when he started teaches himself, he find spark in himself and fall in love with music and musical instruments. His first instrument was drum and he himself learns all musical instruments. When he started learning music, he left playing soccer and hockey. He extremely indulged in music and in result he drops his schooling. After long time he again join school but unfortunately he was unable to complete his higher studies.


Brown eyes and long brown hairs, 5 feet and 7 inches taller impresses his opposite sex not only with his voice but also with his appearance.

Marital life

At the age of 28 Nuno married with the lead singer of Baby Animal. Her name was Suzi. They married in August 1994. The couple has two kids Orleans and Lorenzo. The couple was unfortunately legally separated in 2013.


A little boy who was not much interested in playing guitar and spend more of his time in playing sports became an American well known guitarist, record player, musician and music producer. His bombastic debuted in the music world was from his performance in the band called “Extreme”. The band released its first in 1989.

Nuno in 1995 after five years effort, his first record released named “Schizophonic”. The album received good reviews but less sell. In 1997 his new band “Mourning Window” released it album “Polydor Record” which was a super hit. “Population” was his self- produced effort. The record released in 2002.

Bettencourt also worked with other band as solo and collective guitarist. In 2004 he performed in “Guitar wars” album. In “The Satellite Party” an album of Jane’s Addiction Bettencourt worked as leading guitarist but in 2007 he left the band for some personal reasons. In latest project of Criss Angel’s CD, Bettencourt performed in which was released in 2006. Bettencourt also wrote and produced song “Where are you going”. In 1990 came with his signature album series named “Washburn N4”. After N4 many series were released by Nuno. His latest album was “Talk That Talk” released in 2011.

Long hair boy who was not much interested in music and playing guitar, who loved sports, became a top leading guitarist of Portuguese and America. He is a self-teacher. He teaches himself from the simple musical instrument “Drum” and gradually became master in the entire instrument especially in guitar. He for his music passion left schooling and after many years rejoin school and did not completed his higher education. He now at the age of 49, gained popularity as lead guitarist. Now he is on the way to producing album, writing record and working with other bands.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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