Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus was born on 1st October in 1964. He is an American actor and comedian. His birth place was Castro Valley, California, U.S. He grew up in the place of Newark. His comedy show made him a star. He became famous and pleased audiences. He is a good stand up comedian. His famous comedies were generally based on his personal and bitter experience. People like to enjoy his comedy due to his unique style.

Personal life

Christopher Titus decided to get married to Erin Carden in 1991. He divorced her in 2006. He had a son who was born in 2008 and his name is Jett Evan Titus. Later Titus married his girlfriend Rachel Bradley in 2013. He has founded an organization called “The Insight Youth Project” that supports children who are from abusive families.


Christopher Titus made jokes about family suicides, custody battles, heart attacks, mental illness, domestic abuse and many others. He made many comedies. These are Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, Love is Evol, The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour, The Voice in My Head, Angry Pursuit of Happiness, Neverlution and "Born with a Defect".

· Norman Rockwell is Bleeding:

This is his one-man show that was debuted by him at the Hudson Theatre. This show was presented in Los Angles in 2004. People received this show greatly and in this show, he presented his child life, his parents and about his relationship. Audience liked this show very much.

· Love is Evol:

This story is dealt with the matter of his divorce and, he showed in detail about his relationship with Eric, his divorce and also about his girlfriend.

· The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour:

This show was premiered in 2007 and he talked here about his feeling of parenting and his father’s passing away.

· The Voice in My Head:

It actually deals with the different phases of his life. It was also filmed at Fresno Tower Theatre in 2013.

· Angry Pursuit of Happiness:

This story was filmed in 2014.

· Neverlution:

In this comedy he discussed about bringing back the country to its former glory and politics. He debuted in 2010 at Montreal Comedy festival.

· Born with a Defect:

It was his seventh special comedy.


Christopher Titus got the nomination of writer’s guild for his Titus. "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" in 2004 became his premier on Showtime. His net worth is $2 million dollars.

TV shows

Christopher Titus had a television show called Titus that aired on Fox Network. This show was actually an adaption of the tales from Norman Rockwell is Bleeding. It was a good show that attracted people very much. This show, unfortunately, ended up in 2002.

Christopher Titus’s television shows include Comedy Central's Premium Blend and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Except these, he also hosted Comedy Central's USO Comedy Tour, Fox's Good Day Live and VH1's Dashboard Dreams. In all his comedies he showed his talent and quality to impress his fans very much.


Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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