Alex Wagner is Alexandra Swe Wagner and she is a liberal political commentator and American Television host. She was the anchor for the daytime program called Now With Alex Wagner at MSNBC.

From her bio, Alex Wagner was born and also raised in the city of Washington D.C and her mother is called Tin Swe Thant and she was immigrant who came from Myanmar of Rangoon and she became naturalized American when she married the father of Alex. Her father is called Carl Wagner, he is from Iowa and he has Irish and German descent. He is known to be a prominent consultant for Democratic Party and he was a co-chair for presidential Campaign of Bill Clinton. She went to Woodrow Wilson High School and she graduated from the Brown University in the year 1999. She studied Literature and art history. She was raised as a Roman Catholic.

Alex Wagner started to work when she was a cultural correspondent of the Center for American progress since 2003 until 2007; she was the editor in chief for The Fader magazine where she was covering the music and the cultural movement in the entire world. She was executive director for Not on Our Watch Project and she was advocating for organization that it is focused on the mass atrocities and the violation of the human rights. Alex Wagner became the correspondent of the politics daily of White House. This is a political news magazine found under the AOL News. She went to work for Huffington Post afterwards when it was bought by AOL. When she was working as analyst for MSNBC, she worked for the Countdown with Keith Olbermann and on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Wagner started to host Now With Wagner weekdays in 2011. In 2015, the program was canceled.

When it comes to her political views, Alex Wagner described herself as a progressive and she believes that the US constitution has to be amended. Alex Wagner got married and her husband is Sam Kass who was a chef at the White House. The wedding took place at Blue Hill At Stone Barns and it is a restaurant found in Pocantico Hills of New York. President Obama attended the wedding with his family since they consider Kass as a friend to their family. She got a salary of 400,000 dollars per year and this helped her to make a net worth of 3 million dollars and this consists of investment into the stock market and her apartment. She is known to be a beauty queen who understands what she does and there is no question about being fired because she likes what she does. Alex was said that she resigns after working on Now for two years and half and she said that she resigned because of moral and ethical concerns. She said that she was spreading the lies for Obama.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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