Keith Olbermann was born on 27 January 1959. He was born in New York in United States of America. His father’s name is Theodore Olbermann and he works as an architect. His mother’s name is Marie Katherine and she works as a pre-school teacher. His parents are known to have their roots in Germany. Keith has one sibling and the name of his sister is Jenna who is 9 years younger to him. His childhood was also spend in New York only. It is also known that he completed his schooling from Hackley School which is in New York. After completing his schooling education, he joined School of Agriculture and Life Science in 1979 and received his degree in communications.

After graduating from university, Keith started with his career RKO Radio Network. It was later in 1981 that he joined esteemed CNN. While working for CNN, he also got a chance to cover the Winter Olympics of 1980. In 1984, Keith decided to join WCVB-TV. In 1992, Keith decided to work for ESPN and he worked there for 5 years. He came to lime light in 1997 after the management decided to suspend him from ESPN for about two weeks for appearing on ‘The Daily Show’ without any prior permission. The same year, he decided to quit ESPN. It was reported that he decided to leave ESPN because he got an offer to host a show on MSNBC. The shows that he hosted there were basically news shows. He left MSNBC in 2011.

The very next year after leaving ESPN, in 1998, he took up a job with Fox Sports Net. He later returned to ESPN network for a radio show in 2005 and again joined as an anchor in 2013. As we say that history repeats itself, he was again suspended from ESPN after two years because of a controversy he created.

It is known that Keith married Katy Tur in 2006 and they have been in news as well because of the age difference between the couple. It is widely known that there is age difference of 25 years between the couple. It is not clear if they were married to not but they did went public about being in a relationship. It was in 2009 when they decided to end the relationship. She later got engaged to someone else. It was also reported that Keith lost his mother in the same year and the next year had also been an unlucky one for him as he lost his father because of a long term illness.

Because of his hard work, Keith was honoured with Golden Mike Award for 11 times and not only this, he also received the honour of topping the list of sports casters. The list was issued by California Associate Press. Keith’s annual salary is 2 million US Dollars annually. And his net worth is estimated to be around 35 million US dollars. Keith gained a lot of popularity recently which lead to the growth in his salary as well as his net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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