Mike Bellotti’s full name is Robert Michael Bellotti and was born in the year 1950. He is American college football analyst of espn. He worked with the University of Orgen for over 20 years and he was serving as the offensive coordinator for six years, the head coach in 14 years and athletic director of six years. He is the coach with the most win in the history of Oregon Football History and he is being credited to build the program to be a football power. He was elected into the College Football Hall of Fame in the year 2014.

Mike Bellotti went to Yganacio Valley High School in California Concord and he was playing baseball, basketball and football and graduated in the year 1969. After the high school, he continued with the University of California. He played the football there at the wide receiver and tight end. He started with tight end when he was in his sophomore and also in junior years and then got a second team all-far Western Conference at the wide receiver when he was a senior. He graduated from the UC Davis where he got BA in the physical education in the year 1973. He finished the teaching credential program of UC Davis in the year 1974. He got the degree in the Master of Science in the Physical education from California State University of East Bay and it was called Cal State Hayward. He is the alumnus of the fraternity of Delta Sigma Phi.

In the year 1973, he started the career in the football coaching on UC Davis where he was also a student and he was an assistant coach who was under the College Football Hall of Fame coach called Jim Sochor. Belloti got hired to work in California State University. In March, 2010, it is the time that he resigned to be a athletic director in order to work at ESPN as college football television analyst and the first appearance. Even if his net worth is not disclosed, it is believed that his pension would be worth 6.5million dollars.

His wife was called Colleen and they were married for over 25 years. Mike did file for a divorce from her saying that the separation was amicable and the two will live in the same city still and they will be sharing the custody of their children. When he got a divorce from his wife, he gave her a half of the retirement account and she was eligible to get 50,000 dollars every year from PERS. About his marriage, he said that it was a struggle keeping things together when people had grown apart and there is none to blame. He said that the reason behind the divorce is his career that needed the sacrifice. Mike Bellotti should not be confused by Mike Balloti whose painting is found in Los Angeles. His twitter account is @BellottiQuack.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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