Dina Marie Ruiz, more renowned as Dina Eastwood, was born on 11th July in the year 1965. She drew her first breath in Castro Valley, California, in the family of Mary Lou Ruiz and Michael Ruiz. In particular, she has German, Irish, English, Japanese, Hawaiian, and African American roots. Even though the girl was born in Castro Valley, she was raised in Fremont (California), near Fresno, where her father worked as a teacher in a school.


In Fremont, the girl attended the Mission San Jose High School, after which she enrolled in a few colleges. In 1983, Dina Marie Ruiz particularly attended Fremont’s Ohlone College. Already at that time, she worked as a news anchor at the college’s TV. Thereafter, she enrolled in the Arizona State University, located in Tempe. Finally, she obtained a degree in the field of Broadcast Communications after graduating from the San Francisco State University in 1988.

Career Experience

She began her career on the TV in 1990 when she took on a job of reporter for the KNAZ-TV channel, located in Arizona’s Flagstaff. Shortly afterwards, she became a news anchor on the same channel. After some time, Californian KSBW channel decided to offer to Dina a position of a news anchor. She successfully worked for channel during 6 years, and in 1997 Dina Ruiz decided to quit the channel. In 1992, a year after getting employed by KSBW channel, she met Clint Eastwood during an interview, and this acquaintance changed her life. They have married in 1996, a year before her leave from the channel.

Then, Dina Marie Eastwood appeared in several shows. She also played insignificant roles in several movies that were filmed by her husband. In particular, she played a role of reporter in such movies as “Blood Work” (2002) and “True Crime” (1999). However, she played one of the major roles, the role of Vanessa Reeve, in the movie called “The Forger” (2012). However, her career almost has not progressed much since she married her incredibly famous husband.

Though in 2012, Dina Eastwood unexpectedly started to work over the reality documentary TV series called “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”. This documentary tells a story about the lives of Dina, her daughter Morgan, and her step-daughter and a daughter of Clint Eastwood from the first marriage Francesca. Up to date, the TV series has only 1 season compromising 10 series. However, Clint Eastwood negatively reacted to the release of this documentary because he sticks to the opinion that private affairs must not be disclosed. The last series of the documentary got 1.13 million viewers within the United States.

Up to date, the net worth of Dina Eastwood is believed to be equal to $20 million.

Personal life

After meeting her husband in 1992 and marrying him in 1996, the couple got a daughter, named Morgan, in 1996. Morgan Eastwood has 7 step-siblings, children of Clint Eastwood from the first marriage to Frances Fisher. Dina and Clint Eastwood, however, divorced in 2014, and Diana Eastwood asked for a full custody of their daughter.

Dina Eastwood is popular on Twitter and Instagram, where she has over 21 and over 6 thousand of followers respectively.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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