Jon Bon Jovi, a renowned song writer, composer, musician, actor and a producer by profession, came to life on March 2nd 1962. He is a Native American and was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S. He was born to the parents John Francis Bongiovi, Sr, who was a barber by profession and Carol Sharkey, who was a florist by profession. He has got 2 siblings, both of them his brothers. His family was not very affluent family and he himself had to work in the childhood distributing newspapers. Jon attended his High School with ‘St. Joseph High School’ and later on shifted to ‘Sayreville War Memorial High School’.

He was not a very bright student and often used to miss classes. However he had a passion for music since his childhood and when he used to miss classes he used to attend various music activities. He also started attending musical bands and musical programs at a very young age and formed his own band during high school as well. Jon has been politically very active and has participated in various promotional shows for promoting various politicians like John Kerry, Barrack Obama and many more.

He also has been the part of administrative decisions of the government and has remained close to government officials. Jon married his present wife ‘Dorothea Hurley’ who was also his girlfriend since school. The couple is leading a beautiful life together and has got 4 children. They have a daughter named Stephanie Rose and 3 sons named ‘Jesse’, ‘Jacob’ and ‘Romeo’. Jon likes to stay at his home and has made a studio in the basement of his home as well. Jon is also owner to a football franchise named ‘Philadelphia Soul’ amongst other investors. The Franchise performed in an event named ‘Arena Football League’.

According to his biography, Jon started performing at various musical clubs and bands. Jon however rose to fame and gained much popularity when he came up with his first song named ‘Runaway’ in 1982. The song was initially not accepted by many musical records companies, however he later on released the song with the rock station named ‘The Apple’. The song was an instant hit and gained much popularity and because of this song he signed various musical contracts with many companies including the prestigious ‘Mercury Records’. He recorded many songs later on to pursue his musical career. In 1983, Jon along with few other band members formed a band with the name ‘Bon Jovi’ and the band released its debut album in the year 1984. The first album was not a major hit but the band got recognition with the album named ‘Slippery When Wet’ which was a smashing hit. The band later on came out with another album named ‘New Jersey’ which also became very popular. The band performed in various promotional tours for their album but the band members later on separated because of their internal differences.

Jon has also been linked to many social activities and has supported many causes. He came up with a restaurant in 2011, wherein the patrons could pay according to their paying capacity or else could replace the payment with the services at the restaurant as well. In 2015, Jon’s estimated net worth is around $ 300 million making him a wealth US citizen.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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