Tin Thant Swe is the mother of famous American TV anchor and liberal political commentator Alex Wagner. Tin Thant Swe is an immigrant from Burma.

Married Life

She married Carl Wagner, the father of Alex. Carl Wagner lived in Iowa and came from a mixed German and American background. Carl was a politician for the Democratic Party. He assisted in the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton.

Tin had migrated to America from Burma before she met Carl. After their marriage, she just appeared to be a neutralized American who loved to accept diversity and embraced the cultural melting pot of America.

It was a marriage of two ethnicities that gave birth to their talented daughter, Alex.

Political Views

Whether it is because of her daughter’s profession or her personal beliefs, Tin likes to express her political views. Fans of Alex enjoy the fact that her mother likes to participate in her career by voicing her opinions on politics. The mother and daughter share similar opinions which amuses their fans.

Tin is not a fan of Trump at all and once said, “Trumps continue to gorge themselves at the public trough with latest ideas for tax plan”. She was disgusted by the fact that Trump wanted to cut taxes for the rich. She saw through Trump’s lies about the tax plan. Trump claimed that cutting taxes for the rich would stimulate job growth. He claimed that if the rich were allowed to keep more of their money, they would be able to expand and thus create more jobs for Americans. Tin felt that was a false claim because the truth is that the rich will just hoard their money.

Tin’s opinion was confirmed when there was an off shore tax scandal that was exposed. In the scandal, it was proven that many of the wealthiest people in the world keep their money in foreign banks to avoid getting taxed. They have so much money in these accounts that prevent them from getting taxed in the United States. Tin called out Trump on his tax plan because she knew that he was only pushing it to pay his supporters back. Those rich people put him into office and now it was time for them to get rewarded by Trump’s policies. Tin didn’t want the public to accept Trump’s logic for his tax plan. He was not doing the average citizen any favors, he was just looking for a way to let his rich friends keep more of their money.

Tin also attacked Trump for his alleged Russian ties when she said, “Trump refuses intel briefings, disses U.S intel but Tweets faith in Assange & doubts of Russia involvement. Whose President is he??” Tin accused Trump for playing multiple sides for his own gain. She wondered why he was protecting Russia and trying to be their allies even after they hacked the election. She saw the truth that most of his Trump reporters failed to see. The only reason he had a soft stance towards Putin and Russia is because they helped him steal the presidency. He was not going to risk anything and put a strain on his relationship with Russia. Tin said that he was a fool for working with Russia because they saw him as weak and would take advantage of the relationship once they got a chance.


Raising Alex

The unique cultural background of Alex is what made her what she is today. She got the best of both worlds. On one hand, she got to experience the life of an American girl. On the other hand, she was influenced by her mother’s Asian roots. She learned about her heritage through her mother’s teachings. She was fascinated by her mother’s stories about growing up in Asia. Her mother’s traditions were so different from American traditions and it gave Alex a unique outlook on life. She was always accepting of different people from different backgrounds because of the way her parents raised her. Even though people would look at her weird because of her ambiguous racial makeup, she never thought being biracial was an issue. She embraced being the product of biracial love and felt that she was a great example of racial harmony.

Alex went to Woodrow Wilson High School to complete her primary schooling. She graduated from Brown University in 1999. At the university, she studied Literature and History. Her education would be very useful in her eventual journalism career.

Alex’s Career

Alex started her career as a correspondent for the Center of American Progress. She also was the editor in chief for Fader Magazine. As a member of Fader, Alex covered music and different cultural movements around the globe.

Alex Wagner describes her political views as progressive. Her views tend to be on the liberal side as she usually finds herself debating against conservative pundits.

During her career in journalism, Alex Wagner has worked on many important pieces. She worked as an executive director for the Not on Our Watch Project. It was all about the human rights violations and mass atrocities committed around the world.

During her tenure with Politics Daily, she worked as a White House Correspondent. Politics Daily was published under AOL News. When AOL News acquired the popular website Huffington Post, Alex started working for it.

The major job that added to her reputation was her work as an analyst at MSNBC. There she worked on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. On April 26, 2016 Wagner resigned from MSNBC and joined the Atlantic.

Alex’s Personal Life

During her period in White House, Alex was in relationship with President Obama’s personal cook Sam Kass. The respected chef is described as a personal family friend of the Obama Family.

Wagner married Sam Kass on August 30, 2014 after years of dating. The wedding took place in Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The wedding ceremony gained attention as President Obama and his family attended the occasion, because Obama considered Sam to be a close family friend.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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