John Hagee was born in the year 1940 and he is a founder and also a senior pastor of Cornerstone Church which is a charismatic megachurch of San Antonio in Texas. He is a CEO for a nonprofit corporation called Global Evangelism Television or GETV.

John Hagee is the CEO and the president for the John Hagee Ministries and it is telecasting his television and radio ministry and it is carried out in the entire United States on the ten television network and this includes over 62 high power station that are aired on over 150 million households. He is being shown on many networks around the entire world and this includes Trinity Broadcasting network and The Inspiration Network together with Inspiration New TV. John Hagee ministries program is also found in Canada at CTS and Miracle Channel. His program can be seen in different places including New Zealand, Australia and Europe. He is a founder of national chairman of Christian Zionist organization and for Christians United or Israel. He was always been criticized or praised because he supports Israel. He has also been in controversy because of his belief towards homosexuality, Catholicism and Islam.

John Hagee was born in the State of Texas in the city of Goose Creek. Her father is Reverend William Bythel Hagee and his mother is Vada Mildred Swick. He did his studies in Trinity University of San Antonio and she had a Bachelor of Science. He did education and history in the year 1964. He was studying on the Football Scholarship and he appeared on the list of the academic dean. John Hagee did a master degree in educational administration with University of North Texas of Denton in the year 1966. He had an honorary doctorate of Oral Roberts University of Tulsa and another one from Netanya Academic College of Israel.

John Hagee, when he was a leader of Trinity Church, he was married to Martha Downing and had two children. Afterwards, he said that he was immoral and divorced his wife after 15 years. He then married a 24 year old girl called Diana Castro and they had 3 children together. He started a new church at Castle Day with 25 members and in 2 years, he had already 1,600 members. John Hagee is known to have sermons that are meant to bring back the lost to the Christ and he is a well known preacher because of his wit in preaching. His sermon can be viewed on youtube. His known to have written many books and some of them are In Defense of Israel, The Three Heavens and Four Blood Moons among others. His recent book In Defense of Israel had been greatly criticized by the Christian Research Institute. In the book, he says that Jesus did not claim to be messiah but a savior of Christian church. His net worth is 5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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