Carl Reiner, a famous producer, director, actor, and comedy writer, was born on 20th March in the year 1922. He was born in New York City to the family of Irving and Bessie Reiner. His parents were Jewish who immigrated from Austria and Romania. He had an older brother Charlie, who, however, died during the Second World War.

Career Experience

When Carl Reiner served a term in the US Army during the Second World War, he was transferred then to the section of Army Entertainment. Once he returned to the civil life, he started to perform in various musicals in Broadway, such as “Alive and Kicking” and “Inside U.S.A.” In addition, he played the main role in “Call Me Mister”, Arnold Auerbach’s revue.

In 1950, he started to participate in “Your Show of Shows” by Sid Caesar. Step by step, he got more roles in various movies and shows. However, he enjoyed a real success when he developed the show “Head of the Family”, which was based partly on his life. However, the producers liked neither the title of the show, nor Carl Reiner as a person occupying the lead role. So, the program was launched as “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, and it brought a lot of success to Carl Reiner. The first movie in which he played as an actor was “Happy Anniversary” (1959).

Since then, his career has consistently progressed, and Carl Reiner has become known not only as an actor and performer, but also as a producer, scriptwriter, and director. However, it is impossible to describe what a great contribution Carl Reiner made for Hollywood. Throughout his career, he published 17 books, directed 15 films (and he wrote scripts for 5 of those films), wrote 2 scripts for other films, starred in over 30 movies, wrote scripts for 14 TV shows, participated in up to 50 TV shows, and director 4 TV shows.

Deservedly, Carl Reiner was nominated nine times for Emmy Awards and once for a Grammy Award! And, indeed, deservedly he has a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, since his contribution to the world cinematograph is priceless. Up to date, his net worth is believed to be equal to $70 million.

Personal life

Carl Reiner was married to Estelle Lebost, a singer, for 64 years. However, his wife died on 25th October in the year 2008. They had three kids: Lucas Reiner (was born in 1960), a director, Sylvia Anne Reiner (was born in 1949), a painter, and Rob Reiner (was born in 1947), a poet. Moreover, Carl Reiner has six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Despite a lot of rumors concerning the state of his health (in particular, there were rumors that Carl Reiner suffered a stroke), he does not seem to express any concerns about his health now.

Carl Reiner is also remembered thanks to his accurate, precise quotes, mostly on the topic of laugh and smiles – he is a comedy writer, after all. One of such is the following: “Everybody wants to laugh – you know that. They need to laugh… people need to laugh.”

Also, Carl Reiner is active on social networks – Facebook and Twitter.

Filmography and bibliography

Indeed, it is hard to count all his works. However, recently he starred in the movie called “Dumbbells” (2014) and took part in the following TV series: “Bob’s Burgers” (2014), “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” (2014-2015), “Shimmer and Shine” (2015), “Blaze and the Monster Machines” (2015), “Justice League Action” (2016).

Recently, he is also very active at writing: “I Just Remembered!” (2014), “What I Forgot to Remember” (2015), “The Secret Treasure Of Takha Paka” (2015), “Why & When The Dick Van Dyke Show Was Born” (2015), and “I Can’t Stop Remembering” (2016).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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