Meleasa Houghton

Meleasa Houghton was born in the year 1964. She is a well known singer of Gospel. She is an American with mixed ethnicity. Besides being known as a singer, she is also known because of being the first wife of her ex husband Israel Houghton. He is a songwriter and Christian music singer. She is a mother of three children and they are Milan, Israel and Mariah. She was married to Israel for over 20 years since 1994-2014. The two met first in a ministry in Pittsburgh and they tied a knot after some months.

Even if Meleasa Houghton had not been in controversies for many years, she was in rumors because of the divorce. His ex husband sinned in the marriage and it is believed to be a reason behind the breakup. When the news broke up, it spiked the debate about how many people who are said to be devoted towards God, they can turn to be unfaithful in the relationship. The media also talked about the Christians who are in ministries and they fail to handle both marriage and success. Even though they have divorced, it is said that they continue to be friends.

From her biography, Meleasa Houghton was born from mixed ethnicity and she is known as an attractive women. She stands tall with 5 feet with 6 inches with 60kgs. She was a nominee of Grammy award in Best Gospel song category. There is no record about her net worth or salary.

Israel had been known to sing about the faith he had in good and other Christian value for over 20 years. However, when he confessed to have cheated Meleasa Houghton, the entire church was angry and people were shocked. He got removed to being a worship leader of the church. However, he is now happy after getting married for the second time to his current wife a TV personality and a singer Adrienne Bailon.

Besides being a talented singer, Israel is also able to play keyboard and guitar. The music he sings is somehow different to the regular Christian music that people are accustomed to. It is a mix of rock, gospel, reggae and jazz. His music appeals to everyone regardless of the cultural differences and he is loved by many people now. He won different awards because of his singing and it includes Grammy Awards six times. Many people agree that they can find peace and solace listening to his music.

Before their divorce, Meleasa Houghton separated with his husband for a long period. Israel agrees that his achievement is attributed to God and he wants to build impression that will last long in people.

It is not clear how many children Israel maybe having, besides the children he has with Meleasa Houghton some think that he has other illegitimate children. Meleasa Houghton Instagram account is @meleasahoughton.

Last Modified: Apr 1, 2020

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