Jill Tavelman

Jill Tavelman is well known as being an ex-wife of Phil Collins and she is a mother to Lily Collins who is an actress. She worked like Beverly Hills Women’s Club president. She had a cameo appearance with film Buster and she was married to Phil Collins since 1984 until 1996.

From her biography, Jill Tavelman was born in the year 1956 in the city of Los Angeles City in California State. She is an actress known to appear in Extra and Buster and for her ex husband Phil Collins. Besides being a mother to Lily Collins, Jill Tavelman was also a step mother of Collins’s children Simon Collins and Joely Collins. She was the daughter in-law to June Collins and the ex-sister of Clive Collins and Carole Collins.

The divorce of Jill Tavelman and her ex husband is known to be one of the costly divorces since the husband was the one cheated at her. They got married in the year 1984, and the two got their daughter in the year 1989 who decided to be an actress afterwards. The marriage was a second marriage of Phil but the marriage did not last for a long period. The couple decided to get a divorce in the year 1996 after around 12 years as married people.

The divorce was from Phil Collins and he ended their relationship when he sent her a fax. Through the fax, he told her how he was feeling and the future he was expecting. During that time their daughter, was only at the age of five. After this divorce, Jill got a divorce settlement of 17 million dollars. At the time that Phil decided to send that FAX, it was said that he had been in the affair with another women for second times.

Lilly Collins wrote the book Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, she added the excerpts from the memoir of her father called Not Dead Yet and she said about how his father was cheating on Jill. The affair begun in the year 1992, Phil met with Lavinia Lang who was a childhood romance and wanted to go back to that time all over without taking time to think about what may happen to his daughter and wife. They decided that they wanted to leave their partners respectively, however, Lavinia refused at the last minute because she did not want to lose the kids.

He started a new relationship with Orianne Cevey who worked like a translator. When he left the family, he went ahead and married Orianne in the year 1999 and he divorced her in the year 2008. His net worth is 250 million dollars. More information about Jill Tavelman cannot be found easily and there is no information on what she is doing, her parents or her date of birth. Her Instagram is @waverlyondoheny.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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