Melanie Hinton

Melanie Hinton works at ABA and she is the Director of Communication and Media Relations. She is famous for being the first wife of Joe Scarborough who is a talk show host. They have two children together.

Communications Career

Melanie got her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and in Journalism. Melanie Hinton is highly respected and productive worker at ABA. She joined the company in the year 2016 in the department of Communication and Media Relations. She oversees the association’s communication, publication and media relations. She has a great experience of two years in public affairs and journalism since she worked as managing director of Public Relationships and Communication in the airline industry. She was overseeing the industry with communications and operations. She was working with third party supporters in order to help them in showcasing the airline industry.

In the middle of her career, she worked as a senior communication manager for the Association for Unmanned Vehicle System International. She was in charge of different marketing initiatives and public relations. She played a big part in helping the association to advance their development with Capitol Hill. She once worked as a head of campaigns events and public affairs manager at the British Embassy of Washington D.C for around six years.

Early in her career, she worked as correspondent of Evening Sun which circulated in Hanover, PA. She also worked for the Pennsylvania Law Weekly of Philadelphia and North Hills News Record of Pittsburgh. Melanie Hinton has appeared at many outlets like Smithsonian Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Observer, Washington Post, Associated Press, The New York Times and CBS This Morning.

Personal Life

In addition of her own success, Melanie Hinton is also known because she was the first wife of Joe Scarborough, a host of a political talk show. Melanie Hinton got married to her ex-husband Joe Scarborough in the year 1986 but they divorced in 1999. They were parents to two children named Andrew and Joey. They dated from the time they were in college and they decided to get divorced after 10 years of marriage. The two had met at the University of Alabama and lived in Gainesville. Joe got a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alabama and afterwards, he got a J.D in University of Florida College of Law. The couple settled in Pensacola after finishing college together.

Before Joe joined the journalism industry, he was in politics and after his graduation, he was admitted to the Florida Bar. Afterwards, he became a congressman before he resigned after a few years. He joined the media circuit when he became the co-host at Morning Joe together with Mika Brzezinski. Afterwards, the duo became the hosts of a morning radio show of WABC. He got named at Time 100 most influential people in the world list. His salary is 6 million dollars and it has helped him to make a net worth of 18 million dollars.


Even though they were once in love, they knew that they couldn’t keep on with their marriage because they were unhappy. After the divorce, Joe got married again but the relationship did not last for long. His second wife is named Susan Warren and they had two children together. Melanie Hinton is said to be single up to now and she has a good number of followers on Twitter. According to Joe Scarborough public information, he was born in the year 1963 in the state of Georgia.

Ex-Husband’s Relationship with Donald Trump

In an interview the Rolling Stone, the interviewer was talking to Joe about his band and the new Ep they released. They were talking about the similarities between songwriting and speechwriting. The conversation was getting deep as it shifted into talking about Donald Trump and his job as president.

Joe was open about sharing his thoughts on Donald Trump, “A friendly chat with Trump? “That hasn’t happened in quite some time. To say we’re disappointed would be a pretty dramatic understatement. We attacked him a lot in the campaign and it got really, really nasty. And then after he won, we were talking a little bit. But, you know, he gets into office and the first day he’s talking about crowd size when he’s got so many other problems. And every day it’s something else where you’re just pulling your hair out saying why? Why’s he talking about Hillary now? Why is he saying there was no collusion with Russia, but then there’s an article in the Washington Post, so now he’s saying there was collusion but Barack Obama was responsible? It’s absolute insanity.”

During Donald Trump’s run for the presidential office, he had to make a lot of media appearances to promote his campaign. He even would appear on shows that he knew were going to be combative with. His strategy was to stir controversy and get people to pay attention to what he was doing. He really believed in the idea of any publicity being good publicity. Joe and his television program, “Morning Joe” were at least vey open to having Donald Trump on during the first appearances.

The bond between Trump and Joe started to sour when Trump said something that Joe found really offensive on December 2015. Trump made a statement that all Muslims should be banned from entering America because of their perceived threat to national security. That blanket statement really offended Joe, “That’s when Mika and I said, ‘I could never vote for him.'”

After Joe stated his criticism of Trump, their relationship never was repaired but they are no longer on combative terms, “Then we called him up the morning of the election, because we thought he was gonna lose. And I said, ‘Listen. I hope we’ll be friends after this. I know this wasn’t easy for you. I know we didn’t agree with everything you did. But it’s tough for you and your family to stick your neck out there. And then he won. And it was like, ‘Oh my god.'”

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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