Kim Woolery

Kim Woolery is a celebrity wife and a hair stylist. She became known when she married Chuck Woolery who is known as a host of Wheel of Fortune. She was born in the city of Michigan. What she did before getting married is not known and she started to be called Kim Woolery when she got married to Chuck but she was born under the name of Kim Barnes.

Kim and Chuck came to know each other through a blind date in the year 2003. They were together for two years and they got married afterwards. The two had been married for over ten years. The marriage took place in the year 2006 in Bellagio Hotel in the city of Las Vegas in the city of Nevada. Close friends and relatives were the invitees at the wedding.

Her husband Chuck Woolery was at the age of 65 years when they got married. She was the fourth wife and they are happy together. They have no children but her husband has six children from the first marriages. Chuck Woolery works like game show host and sometime he also works as actor. He entered into the industry since 1969 up to now. He sings and, he had played a bass fiddle together with The Borderman, a folk song trio. He recorded five songs as a solo artist.

Chuck Woolery is a conservative speaker and had spoken in public about conservative political ideas. Some people do not agree to his ideas depending on his personal life. He is also a writer of The Washington Post and he has a net worth of over 15 million dollars.

Chuck got married for the first time with Margaret Hayes and they became parents of three children who are Chad, Katherine and Cary. However, Chad died because of motorbike accident. The second wife of Chuck is Jo Ann Pflug and they had a daughter named Melissa. Afterwards, he married Teri Nelson and they got two sons together Sean and Michael. The two divorced amid of rumors that Chuck is cheating.

Kim Woolery’s biography is not full online but that of her husband is. Chuck was born in the year 1941 in the city of Ashland in Kentucky. His full name is Charles Herbert Chuck Woolery. His father called Dan died in the year 1969 and he was an owner of a company that deals with fountain supplies. His mother called Katherine was just a homemaker. He has a sister who works as a nursing assistant.

Chuck wanted to enter into a music career but enlisted first with United States Navy. After finishing two years serving in military, he came back and went to Morehead State University. There he did sociology and economics. He started to work first like sales representative at Pillsbury and afterwards, he worked at Wasserstorm Wine as a consultant. His Instagram is @chuckwoolery.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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