Chuck Woolery was born on 16 march 1941 in Kentucky, USA. He was a very talented kid since his childhood. He was born to white parents who had American citizenship. He was always fond of magic tricks and plays. He used to practice magic and tricky in his childhood and then displayed it to his fellow classmates. He was very famous at his school for his displays. He has been good as games as well. He played football at his school.

He started his career after college by being a wine consultant. He got a job at Wasserstrom Wine and Import Company in Ohio which made wines and imported in different parts of the USA and other countries as well. He later got into the music business as he was good in music as well. He joined a band called The Borderman and sang on road trips around the USA. His next song was Avant Garde which was a pop song and had similarities to the psychedelic genre.

He became quite famous at this point in time and as known from his later interviews, this is what he wanted to do as a career. He sang some other songs as well such as Bubba Fowler. In the year 1968, eh signed a contract with the Columbia Record and produced a song called Naturally Stoned. This song featured in the top 40 songs for that year which is a very big achievement for any song.

He later changed his career to acting. His first move was Evil in the deep that he did with Stephen Boyd and Rosey Grier. In 1989 he did another movie called cold feet in which he played as himself. He then switched over to hosting game shows. The first game shows that he hosted was called the Tattletales. In this show, he hosted along with his ex-wife Jo Ann Pflug. The very same year he appeared in the TV show Your Hit Parade.

The biggest moment of his life, however, came in 1975 when he got the opportunity to host the famous show Wheel of Fortune. This show garnered widespread attention and went from being just another show to being the most iconic TV show in the USA. At the end of his career though he had some issues with the production of the show as he demanded a raise of his weight to $500,000 from $65,000 which he earned at that time. The directors didn't agree upon this and so he deiced to leave the show altogether and that's what he did.

He is a married man. He is currently married to Kim Woolery. Prior to that, he was married twice and both the marriages ended in divorce. He has 3 children from his marriage although he has two other children from outside of his marriage which ended his second marriage. He has been indulging in infidelity when he was married to Jo Ann. He cheated on her with Teri Nelson, the relationship was later made public and Jo gave him a divorce. His net worth is known to be around $20 million.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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