Jerry Springer is a television presenter and worked as a lawyer, soldier, news presenter, musician, actor and a democratic mayor for Cincinnati. He was the host for the tabloid talk show called The Jerry Springer Show and from 1991 and he started the Jerry Springer podcast in the year 2015.

From his biography, he was born in the year 1944, in the Highgate Tube Station city in London, England. This is when this station was being used like a shelter for the German bombing in the World War II. He grew up at Chandos Road, in East Finchley. His father Richard Springer, owned a shoe shop and his mother is Margot and they were Jewish refugees and they escaped from the Landsberg an Der Warthe now it is Wielkpolski in Poland. The maternal grandmother called Marie Kallmann, got left behind and he died in gas trucks at Chelmo extermination camp in Poland. The paternal grandmother was Selma Springer; she died at a hospital of Theresienstadt Concentration camp in Czech Republic. The brother of Selma was Dr Hermann Elkeles who was a well known doctor in Berlin, died in Theresienstadt concentration camp. In the year 1949, Jerry Springer immigrated with the parents to the US and they settle at Kew Gardens, in Queens of New York and he went to Forest Hills High School. He was impressed by John F Kennedy at the age of 12 when he was watching a Democratic convention on a TV.

Springer got the B.A degree from The Tulane University in the year 1965 and he was majoring in the political science. He got the J.D degree from the Northwestern University in the year 1968. He became the partner in a law firm and it was named Grinker, Sudman & Springer in 1973 until 1985, other partners were Ronnie Grinker who is a NBA agent and magistrate Harry Sudman who works in Butler County. He was the political campain adviser to Robert F Kennedy but after his assassination, he started to work at Cincinnati Law Firm called Frost& Jacobs named Frost Brown Todd now.

Jerry Springer started the career in politics when he ran for the congress but he was not able to unseat Donald D. Clancy who was incumbent Republican but got 45 percent of the vote. Springer got elected for the Cincinnati City council in the year 1971 but he had to resign when he agreed that he hired a prostitute. He was in the TV commercials for Springer. He wanted to get a democratic nomination of the governor of Ohio but he failed to get it. He had a major role in the saving of historic Cincinnati Union terminal. He wanted to run for the senate of 2000 and in the 2004 but he backed down since there was negative association to The Jerry Springer show. He got married in 1973 and has a daughter with his wife Micki Velton. He has 75 million dollars as a net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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