Kate Sullivan is a TV news anchor who worked in CBS 2 Chicago News. She is famous for her works and has won many awards like Emmy Award, Associated Press Award and many others.

Personal life

She is basically from Lakeville, Mass and graduated from University of Notre Dame. She is Irish American by birth. She never had dreams of becoming a journalist when she was young. She took interest in the field after high school. There is no information about her parents and her childhood. She married Michael Tillman and they have a son together. Since Kate kept her romantic life away from the media, there is very little that we know about her romantic life. She is not married before. She does not have any extra marital affair and has not parented a child out of her marriage.

She is very active in her social media pages and had numerous followers. Yet, she never gave out any intimate personal information to her fans. She married Michael in 2013. There are no details to how long she was dating him or her past boyfriends. It is said that she met Michael while she was working in CBS 2. She joined the station in 2010 and she got married in 2013. This gives a maximum of two to three years of dating, provided she met him during her first year in the station. A year after her marriage, she announced the birth of her son. They both are very close according to her friends. Since there is no news about any marital problems, it is assumed that the probability of divorce in the near future is very low. She is 36 years old now.


Before her journalism career, she worked in elementary schools for few months. She started her career in WSBT TV in Indiana. She started as an intern and was promoted as general assignment reporter. In 2000, she joined with KATV as general assignment reporter. In two years, she was promoted to anchor of a live program. She was also added to Channel 7 News nightside. She covered many important news and the Clinton Presidential Library news gave her, an Emmy Award.

In 2006, she joined CBS as an anchor. She anchored CBS 2 News This Morning program in New York. She also took up newsreader job for CBS The Saturday Early Show. She joined WBBM TV in 2010 and worked in their station and left the job in 2015. It is said that she was let go by CBS after five years of service. The reason for the termination is not announced to media. There are no details to where she works now and what her position is. It is said that the channel blindly terminated Kate because of their low ratings and increase in competition. It was a random change initiated by CBS. They used Kate as the scapegoat for the history low ratings of the channel. According to latest news, Kate’s agent is still looking for a suitable job for her. Her net worth was 2 million dollars by the end of 2013. Her current net worth is not known to public.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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