Patrick Raymond Fugit is an actor who is famous for his role in Almost Famous. He is also seen in many other movies like Spun, Reckless, The Good Life and many others.

Personal life

Patrick was born in Utah. He is part Irish. His mother is a dance teacher and his father is an engineer. His mother owns a school called The Ballet School. He has two siblings. He is the eldest of all. His sister and brother Jocelyn and Colin did not follow Patrick into Hollywood. He studied in East High School and during his schoolings it was found that he had ADHD. He was interested in acting from his childhood. He appeared in school productions and is a skateboarder since the age of 15. He formed Mushman with his friend by accident. He plays guitar well.

He grew up in a neighborhood filled with Mormons. He is not a Mormon though. His parents are not very religious. He and his father own five motorcycles and they ride them together when time permits. He is 33 years old and yet, we do not have any information about his romantic life. He is assumed to have a net worth of more than $500 thousand dollars yet, he has not officially revealed it. He is dating his girlfriend Megalyn Echikunwoke for a long time. There are some rumors that they have got married in a secret marriage ceremony. While his fans are still waiting for his engagement news, this marriage rumor did take a hit. Neither of them commented on this news about their marriage.

There are many pictures and tweets from their close friends and families in the social media about the ceremony. A few months before this wedding rumor took speed, Megalyn announced that she was dating Chris Rock. There were even pictures of her with Chris Rock in the media, in early 2016. Thus, the wedding news was assumed to be a rumor. But, neither Patrick nor Megalyn denied this news in any manner. It is not known whether they both are living in the same house, married or even in a relationship, as of now.

On the other hand, he had never shared any information about his romantic life in the past. His relationship Megalyn was never officially announced by him in any interview. He talks a lot about his childhood, parents and his career. We have a lot of fill in his work biography. When it comes to his personal life, he never shares intimate news with others. There are no details to why the marriage took place in a secret location. His romantic affairs before Megalyn were not known to media. He was not known to have been divorced before. He has never fathered a child yet.


His name became famous after he starred in Almost Famous in 2000. It is said that he grew three inches while the filming was going on for Almost Famous. He declined many roles including a role in Donnie Darko. Currently, she is starring in a TV series, Outcast. His first TV series was Touched by an Angel as a guest actor in two episodes. He also did many TV films like Legion of Fire: Killer Ants, Cinema Verite and many others.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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