Kimbella Vanderhee

Kimbella Vanderhee is known as a model, reality show personality, brand ambassador and former video vixen. She is most famous for her love affair with Juelz Santana, a rapper from the famous Dipset Crew.

Personal Life

Kimbella was born during the year of 1983 in Miami, Florida. Her father had a very abusive nature. She stated that her mother was the primary victim of her father’s abusive behavior. Tough backgrounds lead to tough people, so Kim tried to be forgiving of her parents she got older. Kim is mixed race because her father is African-American and her mother is a Caucasian. One of her sisters is also in the entertainment industry and is a DJ called Lil Kim. She wanted to make something of herself and prove to people that she would not let her sad background prevent her from achieving her dreams.

Kimbella went to college and went for a Master’s degree while working at the same time. She spent many years in the pharmacy industry but people question her on her previous employment. She doesn’t mind the questions though because she understands what comes at the cost of fame. She eventually went on pursue a career in modeling.

Relationship With a Rap Superstar

Kimbella has three kids and the last two are Juelz Santana’s children. They are not married and her relationship has been under the public eye for years. Their constant fights and the accusation that Juelz was cheating on her have been major scandals for them. On Season 7, several interviews revealed some tension between them on their reality show. To promote the show, the producers promised some “behind the scenes drama” in their marketing videos.

Juelz bought her a new house for her birthday in 2015. It was a big gesture because they had only been dating for 4 years. The news of the house purchase went viral. Some people speculated it was a gift asking for forgiveness because Juelz had been seen with many other women when they were supposed to be only committed to each other. Juelz did not want Kimbella to post more revealing pictures in her social media and she accused him for not visiting their child.

They had a major breakup in 2015. Later, in 2016 she was evicted from her house due to missed payments. They have also been engaged in several Twitter fights and don’t care that the world sees their dirty laundry.

When asked by Vibe magazine on her relationship with Juelz Santana and cheating rumors, she said “If my man doesn’t have the strength and respect to tell me, and I have to find out from another source, yes, I would move on. I mean, I am dealing with someone who is in the industry, and I myself am in the industry, and I am not easy to deal with just like he isn’t easy to deal with. It works both ways, but Juelz is very respectful.”


Tanisha of Bad Girls Club revealed in her social media account that she had a romantic relationship with Juelz. This created many controversial incidents for everyone involved. Before dating Juelz, she was in a relationship with Fabulous. Fabulous was dating Kimbella when his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child. Later, due to unknown reasons, she started dating Juelz while she was dating Fabulous too.

In 2011, in her reality show, she admitted that she had been having a romantic relationship with Fabulous even when she was in a relationship with Juelz and also after having his child. This piece of news became viral and caught Juelz’s attention. The scene came into discussion while Kim was travelling with Juelz in his car. The argument got heated up and he beat her inside his car and threw her out on the streets and drove away. This angered Kim and she called the police on him. A month later, they both were back together.

The major breakup became more dramatic with the microscope of social media. Each one started to comment on the other with bitter feelings. At the end, Juelz stated that he is the reason she is even making money. On her Instagram account, she stated that she is taking care of her three children on her own without anyone’s help.

She is currently assumed to be single. She has not been seen with anyone in public and is still getting over with her last boyfriend. She is not known to be looking out for a romantic relationship as of now because she has her career to figure out.


Kim was a model in Miami and left the career in 2013 for unknown reasons. In her modeling career, she was very successful because of her striking beauty. She earned the privilege of appearing on the cover of Black Men’s magazines and some other publications because of her pretty African looks. After dating Juelz, she became a star of the reality show, Love and Hip Hop New York. She has also created her own brand called Bella.

When asked by Global Grind how she got started in modeling and what highlights she has experienced in the industry, she said, “I really got started back in 2003, but I didn’t launch out into becoming a professional model until 2009 when I was first published in Smooth magazine. And that’s where it really lifted off from. I’ve done more than a handful of videos. I wasn’t really big on doing videos. For one, they were long hours and the money wasn’t enough even if you’re doing 14 hours a day for a video. I just pursued doing print work, meaning being on the covers of Black Men’s Magazine and being featured in XXL and Gorgeous and Urban Ink, all of the men’s magazines I was featured in. From there I met Juelz, so I slowed down a little bit. I wanted to focus on building a relationship with him and also I did want to transition from that to acting, which I’m actually doing now. I’m transitioning into becoming a pop artist and also acting and building my Bella brand.”

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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