Reed Timmer is a storm chaser and meteorologist and starred in the reality television series of Discovery Channel called Storm Chasers. During the series, Reed was following severe weather and had with him his team from the TornadoVidoes.Net in the vehicle known as SRV Dominator. He was in documentary film under the name of Tornado Glory and also on the TV series called Tornado Chasers. It followed the cancellation of the show at Discovery Channel. He was also in the interview during the bonus feature of Into the Storm Blu-Ray. From his biography, he got interested in the weather when he still young and he experienced the severe thunderstorm which dropped some golf ball sized hail into their yard.

When he finished his education from the Forest Hills Central High School in the Grand Rapids, MI In the year 1998, he started to study the meteorology at University of Oklahoma. In the same year, he made the first film of the tornado. In the year 2013, Reed decided to join the 4WARN Storm team at KFOR-TV and started to work as a storm chaser. His SRV Dominator 2 became the 4WARN Dominator 4. He got the Ph.D in the meteorology in OU during Spring of the year 2015. His fiancée was Maria Molina and they have already got married. She works as meteorologist of Fox News Channel. Maria is now known as Maria Trimmer. Reed had been chasing the storm for around 15 years and he has the degree in the Meteorology. Reed is known to be a passionate Storm Chaser and there are times where his decision making can come into the way. When he was chasing the storm in the city of Aurora in Nebraska, the tornado turned right and it blew the driver’s window of Dominator and this lead to the laceration on their face to him and to Chris Chittick who was with him because of the flying glass. Reed Timmer is known to create many chase vehicles and they are at a high cost and one can cost over 100,000 dollars and more.

The first dominator one was the Chevrolet Tahoe that was modified and it was used in the storm chasing of 2008 and of 2009 chase season. The modification included the bulletproof sheet metal and the transparent Lexan Armor that protects against the flying debris that are found near the tornados. The Dominator 2 was made from a 2011 GMC Yukon XL. Dominator 3 was finished in 2013. The base of this car was Ford Super Duty Pickup Truck. Reed Timmer has a passion toward the storm chasing and it cannot be compared to anything else. He is crazy about chasing, getting close and report about the tornadoes. His team was in the Yazoo City during the Mississippi Tornado and they helped to save lives of people. He has a net worth of around 250 thousand dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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