Jaye Davidson was born as Alfred Amey in the year 1968. He is retired actor an American born British model. He is well known for the role he played as the Transgender character of Dil in the year 1992 for the Suspense Drama thriller film called The Crying Game. He received the nomination for the Academy Award for being the Best supporting Actor and he appeared in the Stargate in the year 1994 where he was a god-like character Ra. When Davidson was discovered, he had not acted before. He was discovered by the casting Associated at the Wrap party for Derek Jarman in Edward II. He has androgynous look that led to being casted in the Crying Game as Dil. Afterwards, he retired and stayed away from acting and the reason was because he did not like the fame he was getting from acting. He started to model instead and worked on photo shoots of high profiles. The producer of Stephen Woolley said that Davidson lives now in Paris and he is too happy.

From his biography, Jaye Davidson was born in the state of California but the parents moved to live Hertfordshire in England afterwards. His mother is a businesswoman and the father died. He is a gay but during the time that he was acting, he said that his looks alienated him and he was not able to be included into the gay community. He says that Homosexual men like masculine men and he is not that masculine since he is thin with long hair that is not popular in the gay men. Afterwards, he tried a masculine look, got her hair shaved, developed the physique and had tattoos.

Jaye Davidson is not too tall and has a short height which is five feet with three inches. He has two sisters as siblings and loves flying into the sky. He has different choices when it comes to the wardrobe and he appears different and also distinct away of others. He is not married since he is interested into boys rather than girls and has never kept a girlfriend. He is happy with his life and lives the live to the fullest. He is an active person on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where fans can get to know more about what he is up to. Once Jaye Davidson gave interviews, on one interview, he was completely a woman for the New York Times and the other one he was as a man but it was accompanied by the photos of this actor in the hoop earrings, necklaces with the black hair swept into the bun.

Before acting, he was working at Walt Disney office based in London and was working in the costume of Pluto. He had always dreamed to work in Arts and had worked as architectural historian and worked in Royal places and in art collection. His net worth has not been disclosed yet.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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