Karla Martinez was born on 11 may 1976 in Chihuahua, Mexico. She belongs to an upper middle-class family. His father and mother were born and raised in Mexico itself and have Mexican decency. Karla has a sister named Andree Martinez. She went to a nearby high school as was a very popular student throughout her teenage years as she was beautiful as well as smart. From a very young age, she started taking interest in TV and acting. She used to take part in school plays as well as other small shows. After graduation from high school, she started going to El Paso for attending her college. She enrolled herself in the university of texas where she got a degree in electronic media. She was a good student so she continued her studies until a late age. After completing her degree, she got a job at KINT-TV in 1995. The tv network is affiliated to Univision which is situated in El Paso. In 2000 she started hosting the show Control which later attained cult status among TV viewers. This show was loved by people across all age groups. She did the show until in 2006 when she decided that it was time to leave the show and take the career into a different direction.

In 2002 she was listed among the 25 most beautiful people by the People En Espanol magazine all thanks to her good looks and nice personality. She is very beautiful and has been awarded many times by different magazines in Mexico. She has also been selected as a cover of many magazines. In 2006 she started hosting the show Despierta America. This show is based in Mexico but covers people from all the north American countries such as the USA, Canada, and Mexico. This show has been gaining popularity across the world as her good looks and charm keeps everyone hooked on the show. She had dated some of the very famous personalities from the country but later she got married to Emerson Peraza who himself is an actor. They have been dating for a long time now after meeting at a friend’s party. Currently, there is no sign of any problems between them and the couple looks as happy as ever. She has two children. The first one Antonella Peraza Martinez was born in 2007 and the second child a baby girl Michaella Pera Martinez was born in 2008. They are currently living a very happy life in Mexico and Karla seems to be at the peak of her career. Her biography can be read at Wikipedia as well as the IMDB pages. She is a very tech savvy person so uses social networking platforms on a regular basis. Her fans can follow her on Facebook and twitter. There is no knowledge about her net worth although it is expected to e around $4 million. Currently, her life is going smooth and stable and she intends to keep it that way. For more information on can check out her website on the internet.

Last Modified: Aug 10, 2021

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