Radha Mitchell was born on 12 November 1973 in Victoria Australia to a model mother and a father who was a filmmaker. Her parents got divorced when she was just 6 years old. Her name is taken from a Hindu goddess called Radha. She was the wife of Krishna in the book Mahabharata. She was given the name by her mother who went to India in the 1970s in search of spirituality. Mitchell went to St Michael’s Grammar School in Australia. She completed her high school education in 1992. She began her career in Sugar and Spice which was a series for the ABC TV network. In 1994 she played a guest role in the comedy TV series Neighbors and then later joined as a regular. She got the independent spirit award for the movie High Art and Everything Put Together. She was nominated for Academy Awards for the movie Finding Neverland a movie in which she starred opposite to Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. Her performance in the movie earned her and her cast the award for the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture.

She then worked in the 2004 movie Melinda and Melinda which was directed by Woody Allen. This movie was a very successful movie more liked by the critics than the general viewer. She the appeared in the movie Mozart and the Whale which was again a very successful movie. At this point in time, she was very well known in the Hollywood as well as the Australian film industry. The very next year she played a role in the movie Silent Hill. This horror movie was very well received at the box office earning $20 million in the first month. Mitchell was cast in the movie Rogue in 2008 with actor Micahel Vartan and later in the movie Poole is Here opposite to Luke Wilson. She won the best actress award for the movie The Waiting City. This award was given to her by the Antipodes Film Festival.

Radha hasn’t got married till date and has spent a solitary love life most of the time. She has been in the news for her inspiring acting skill and not for any other reasons unlike most of the actresses in the industry who are in hunger o the limelight without having any talent. In 2006 she was dating the New Zealand actor Martin Henderson but she didn’t marry him as she didn’t think he was what she wanted her husband to be. Her personal life is a mystery as not much is known about her and this is what makes her even more likable as she has managed to separate her personal life and her professional life in a very graceful manner. Her biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as IMDB. Her fan scan follows her on twitter and Facebook as she is a very tech savvy person and uses all the social media platforms on a regular basis. Her net worth is not known at this point in time.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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