Jeff Charles Tietjens was born in mid 1968 to an American couple in San Francisco, United States. He is a well-known lawyer by profession and works as an attorney.

Personal life:

He met Aisha Tyler when he was in college and since then, this beautiful couple was dating and were very much in love with each other. In the year 1992, this cute couple climbed the ladder and turned their love relationship into marriage. The couple however is no more in love; after 23 long years spent together, they have ended their marriage. It was said that Jeff had filed divorce with Aisha and reason was said by his wife that the stress in their relationship was due to her inability to give birth to a baby that eventually could be a reason, which led to breakup of their relationship.

Jeff’s wife is quite a famous celebrity in America; she is an actress, talk show host, model and also a comedian. Jeff was famous being a lawyer but he got more fame because of his wife! He couldn’t be away from the charm and fame, she carried. However, there is not much information available about Jeff. Aisha has not claimed any alimony against the divorce in court but she has said that she may take up this option, later on.

The reason for the divorce of these college sweethearts could not be said for certain, whether it was due to the unsorted differences between them or because of the inability of Aisha giving birth to a baby or due to an affair.


Jeff has completed his high school from J. Eugene McAteer and got his graduation degree from Dartmouth College, where he first met his girlfriend, who then turned out to be his wife. It was revealed that Jeff was a top notch performer and top rank holder, due to which he could succeed in grabbing the job from the same college from which he did his bachelor’s degree. Jeff is a well-known lawyer and his wife Aisha is a famous celebrity figure. Not a lot of information could be found on career of Jeff. However, it is found that the fame he has gained is because he is the husband of Aisha Tyler.

Jeff owns a law firm which is situated in two cities, New York and San Francisco being the two, and he currently is living a single life. Jeff has a good height and built with fair complexion which compliments his height. The new worth of Jeff is said to be approx. $5 million dollars which is exactly half of his former wife Aisha whose net worth is to be said to be at $10 million dollars. These figures are estimated and a certain figure cannot be gauged! It could be gauged that Jeff surely earns a handsome salary and would have a high net worth.

Like his wife Aisha, Jeff is not a celebrity face making television appearances, neither he is active on his twitter and instagram profiles. Like his wife Aisha, Jeff is not a celebrity face making television appearances, neither he is active on his twitter and instagram profiles.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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